The Lifecake Guide To Family Photo Security Online

Where do your photos go once you’ve snapped that selfie? Who else gets to see that cuter-than-cute shot of your kids in the bath? Pulling your phone from your pocket to capture a memory is so easy. But making sure you keep your family photos safe and secure can be a bit more complicated.

If you, like millions of people worldwide, choose to store, back-up or view your photos online, this guide is for you. It’s full of tips to consider when snapping and saving pictures and will help you keep your photos, your special memories and your family safe.

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What are the concerns over family photo security?

Saving your photos online – whether it’s directly to the cloud, through social media or a photo app – has been hailed as a lifesaving solution. It means you no longer have to worry about losing or breaking your phone or spending money on an expensive hard drive. But convenience can come at a cost and it’s good to know the facts so you can weigh up the risks.

Photo security basics that you can control

If you’ve decided you’re happy to share photos online, you can still take steps to protect your family’s privacy and security. Although it’s become second nature to upload all of our snaps, there’s nothing to stop you picking and choosing what you share with everyone and what you keep just for your nearest and dearest. You could talk it over with your family and close friends and come up with some guidelines you’re all happy to follow. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Family Photo Security Measures

Key security issues for popular apps

There’s been plenty in the media about what exactly you’re signing up to when you use social media and cloud storage apps. Here’s a brief run through of the key security considerations and what you can do to protect yourself.




Google Photos






Online Photo Security

More settings to boost photo security

In theory, every time you send information over the internet, you’re increasing the risk of that information being compromised. But most of us weigh up that risk against all the ways the internet makes life easier and decide it’s worth it. Here are a few more tips for minimizing the risks involved with storing and sharing your family photos online:

Check your phone settings

Do you want every single snap you take on your phone to be saved online? When you install a cloud storage app on your phone, it’s usually set to auto-upload all your photos. If this sounds like just the kind of helpful function you’re looking for, great. But if you’d rather pick and choose which pics you back up to the cloud, go to the app settings and turn off auto-upload.

Delete doesn’t always means delete

Just because you’ve deleted a photo from your phone’s gallery, doesn’t mean it’s gone from the cloud. Lots of storage apps keep a copy in the cloud, which is really helpful if you accidentally delete something, but if you want a pic permanently deleted, log in to the app and double check it’s gone from there too.

Take passwords seriously

No amount of encryption will help keep your family photos safe online if you don’t manage your passwords properly. It has been reported that high-profile hacks of celebrities were in part down to their way-too-simple passwords. Think of using a complex, unique password like making sure you’ve locked your front door before you go out. Good password management includes using phrases not just single words, mixing up capital letters, numbers and special characters instead of putting them all at one end or the other, and changing your passwords every six months.

Use two-factor authentication

This is a super simple way of upping the security of your photo apps. Every time you log in to your account, you’ll need to enter a code that’s sent to your phone as well. This means that even if someone gets hold of your password, they won’t be able to access your account unless they’ve also got your phone.

Encrypt phone storage

If you really want to go all out on the security front and make your phone uncrackable if it gets stolen, make sure you go into your phone’s settings and encrypt it. This is usually in the same place you go to set a lock screen with a passcode. Check in your security settings to see if you can also encrypt your SD card.

Finding a balance between safety and convenience

If security was our only concern, we’d probably all be sticking to taking photos with actual cameras and backing up to multiple hard drives or printing pictures out and storing them in the attic. We might go as far as avoiding sending or storing any photos on the internet at all. But we’ve all had a taste of how much easier and more enjoyable life is thanks to the devices and apps we use.

When it comes to family photos, we’ve experienced how wonderful it is to be able to whip out the phone and snap that blink-of-an-eye moment between father and son or share pics of four generations going crazy together on the dance floor at a family gathering. There’s no way we’re giving all that up now.

As long as you do your research before signing up to new apps, think about your family’s main priorities for online photo storage and make the most of the settings on the tech you’ve already got, it is possible to have the best of both worlds.


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