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Watching your little one change and grow is amazing. That’s why we’ve designed Lifecake to help you keep track of all your baby’s milestone moments. It’s your child’s first journey. Save every glorious milestone in a beautiful timeline that’s made for family sharing.

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Whether it’s a photo of their first smile or a video of their first wobbly steps, you can record each milestone to look back on whenever you like.

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Alongside the visual memory of each milestone, everyone you’ve invited can add comments. Having conversations over family memories is a lovely way to stay in touch.

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The more your baby grows, the more amazing moments you’ll see. Create stories to remind you of your baby’s important milestones as the years go by.

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Grandparents, Aunt Mildred, and the cousin in Sweden. They all want to see your baby grow. Let them. Lifecake is a private place for families. Sharing is safe here.First cuddle with the puppy. First Halloween costume. First hike by the lake. All in one place, bringing joy to your loved ones for years. Record these moments and give them fun titles. Your family will come with comments and favourites. Great fodder for insider jokes when you meet, too!

Saving your baby’s development milestones in Lifecake

This is the beginning of a very special journey - for you and your baby. From the moment you know you’re pregnant, to their first day at school and beyond it’s a journey you will remember forever.Lifecake’s app is specially designed to help you record and save these milestones - big and small - and share them with your family. You can then easily look back at how far they have come with our beautiful scrolling timeline. One day you will be able to share the adventure with the star of the show themselves!There are so many important milestones you can save with Lifecake. Here is a list of developmental and fun milestones you can expect broken out by age to give you a little help as to what to expect. But remember that all babies develop a different rates so these timelines are merely a guide. Some babies will develop faster in one area than others. If you’re ever concerned about your little one’s development please speak to your doctor.

0-3 months

The first 3 months are an amazing time, with lots of cuddles, eating and sleeping (for your baby) as you try and find a new rhythm as parents. Here are some important milestones you can expect.

4-6 months

Now your baby’s personality might start to show, with some funny noises and a lot of reactive play, grabbing and gumming. This is what you can expect.

7 months

In month 7 your baby’s eyesight and motor skills really develop, meaning they can begin playing, exploring and learning. These are some milestones you might identify.

8 months

Messy mealtimes, lots of baby noises – welcome to 8 months. Here’s what you can expect.

9 months

At 9 months your baby will start to ‘own’ their actions a little more, wanting to use spoons for feeding, actively trying to move and using pointing to get what they want.

10 months

You will be amazed at how fast they are developing, with sideways standing shuffling and maybe even their first toothy grin!

11 months

Your little one might be trying lots of new food textures now (they won’t like them all but persevere), and will be exploring everywhere (in one of 3 modes; crawling, bum or vertical shuffling). Here are some new development milestones you might notice.

12 months

By twelve months those early months seem so far away, your little one seems less baby like and more toddler like every day! Their hand-eye motor skills are really developing, as they can probably grab objects without looking at them directly and you might have noticed they can carry 3 things at once!

Obviously it doesn’t stop here – it’s only the beginning. But these are some of the main baby development milestones you can expect to see in the first 12 months of life. It’s an amazing time, and one that moves so fast. Don’t forget to snap away, taking lots of photos and videos and adding them to your Lifecake app as you go. You can then easily share all these precious memories with your close family and bring them along for the adventure too.


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