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Record your baby bump during pregnancy

Your little one’s journey begins in pregnancy. Being able to show how they (and you) develop throughout that amazing 9 months is not only a fun and a lovely way to stay in touch with your family, but also a wonderful way for you to remember all the amazing changes you go through. Obviously a lot happens during pregnancy and it’s important to know what to expect and how you can use Lifecake’s baby bump app to track your progress.

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Take a photo of your bump every day

It’s easy to forget how much you grow and develop over time, so adding a daily photo of your baby bump to Lifecake’s app allows you and your family to see how much you’ve changed. Tracking your baby bump journey is a lovely way to look back on how far you have come and keep track of your pregnancy - and something to show the little one when they are older.

Keep the family in the loop

During pregnancy your family will be asking how you feel and wanting regular updates (all the time). Save yourself some time and update your closest family with regular baby bump pictures and commentary about how you feel in one central place.

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Start the story early

Your baby’s journey starts before birth. Recording how your belly grows and at birth becomes an amazing little person is a lovely way to tell the story of life and birth.

Keep your baby bump private

Throughout your pregnancy you may want to share some of your journey on social media, but there are moments that you will want to keep private. With Lifecake you can create a private sharing circle and bring those you love along for the ride. You can share your journey, and they can support you through it by adding comments.

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