Meet the Lifecaker returns and today is the turn of Katy! Find out how a chance conversation at NCT saved her from deleting important baby photos and how lazy Sundays have given way to some serious parklife!

Why I use Lifecake

Tell us a little bit about you and your family…..

My husband Martyn and I have been married for 4 years and we have little (or not so little!) Evie who is now 14 months old and rules the house. We are lucky enough to live very close to Martyn’s parents and brothers who are just a few streets away and my Mum and sister live about an hour or so away.

Image source: Katy Jones

How did you find out about Lifecake?

One of the girls in my NCT group told me about it as I was complaining one day I had taken so many photos I needed to remove some from my phone so I could take more. I was sad I wasn’t able to look back at them whenever I wanted so she recommend Lifecake. At this point I think Evie was only 2 weeks old and I had already filled up my phone’s memory!!

Woah! I don’t think we need to ask how often you use Lifecake!

I check it every day. I upload all the photos I have taken of Evie every few days so my Mum and sister can see what we have been up to. I don’t get to see them all the time and they miss seeing Evie so it is such a great way for them to be part of our everyday life and see all the little changes and developments she makes. They are always commenting on the photos and it really brings us all together.

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At the end of last year we introduced the print shop and updated the HD book builder, have you had a chance to try them out? 

I have started to make a photo book for Evie’s first year. I meant to have it done in time for her birthday but there were so many photos it is so hard to pick. I would love to make a photo book every year to give her on her birthday and show how much she has changed and grown.

Lifecake is all about remembering the firsts, what ‘first’ for Evie sticks out in your memory?

Definitely the first time she smiled. Being a parent in the first few months is tough going. You give all your time, energy and focus to this little tiny human and you’re not even sure if they are happy as they don’t really give anything back. Just when you feel you have reached your limit and need to lie down and sleep for a year, they give you their first smile leaving you scrambling for your phone to capture it and then you spend the next year doing anything you can just to make them smile over and over again. I used to look at that photo of her first smile a lot during the night feeds, just to see it and know all the hard work is worth it.

Image source: katy Jones

That’s so lovely, what’s been your favourite thing about parenthood so far? 

I love hearing Evie laugh. I think I have about a hundred video clips of her laughing, mainly from me or Martyn making silly noises or dancing around the room! There is something so wonderful about hearing the sound of your baby laughing and seeing them so happy. It makes all the sleep deprivation and non-stop chores worth it, it is so infectious.

And what one bit of advice do you have? 

Do it your own way. When you are a parent you get so much advice. Some you ask for, but most you don’t. There is a lot of information out there but really the best way to do anything is the way YOU want to do it. They’re your child, you know them best and they are not as breakable as you think. Try not to listen to everyone telling you how you should do it, or how they did it in their day. You are doing great.


Image source: Katy Jones

And finally, describe your perfect Sunday to us 🙂

Before Evie my favourite thing to do was sleep past 6.30am!! I loved lazy Sundays when you didn’t have to get up until lunch so I do miss those days! Now my favourite thing to do is taking Evie to the park. She LOVES dogs and giggles with excitement when she sees them. Sunday is such a lovely family day where we can take her to the park to watch all the dogs and she is definitely happiest when she has the full attention of Mum and Dad.

Image source: katy Jones

Thanks so much Katy, it’s great to hear about your parenting journey so far! Evie is also adorable, totally worth sacrificing those lie-ins for 😉

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