What to Bring to a Baby Shower

While we’re sure any gift will be appreciated, baby showers are an important part of the journey for expectant parents to enjoy and often, there will be a gift list to adhere to. Baby shower gifts include the stroller and high chair, baby books and bouncy seat, diapers, blankets and booties, and everything in between. Unexpected gifts for mum are always a special treat!

What to bring to a baby shower?

For most expectant mums, their baby shower is an event to look forward to. Held towards the end of their pregnancy, it can be a day of excitement, fun and being treated like a queen – whilst receiving gifts that can be of great practical use and sentimental value.

Items on the baby shower gift list can range from big-ticket items that close family, or a few friends, may club together to buy, like the stroller or highchair, to those cute little outfits or a decorative gift for the nursery, such as a mobile or artwork. Also important items on the list are the practical bits; burp cloths, blankets, a diaper bin or a nightlight which will all come in handy in those first few weeks.

The presents received at the baby shower are sure to put a smile on any expectant mum’s face, so read on for our tips on getting your gift just right.

Is there a gift list?

Gifts for mumMums-to-be will often register a baby shower gift list to ensure she doesn’t get double-ups of items she already has, or items she just doesn’t need or like. There might be a theme for the baby shower to consider, based on the baby’s gender (if known), an eco-friendly vibe or Mum’s favourite colour – so make sure you adhere to this. This info should be on the invite, but don’t be afraid to ask if unsure.

If there’s no gift list and you’re left to your own devices, there are some items that may be considered too personal to choose for the expectant parents. These include the crib and nursery furniture, medical supplies and the car seat. Otherwise, the options are endless, so here’s a round-up of the categories of gifts you can choose from.

Big ticket items

For some gifts, the soon-to-be parents might give you the details of exactly what they’d like. These items are usually the “big ticket” items which will play a major role in their life; like the stroller, baby carrier and baby monitor. While these are great gifts for grandparents to begin spoiling their new little bundle with, you could have more input and provide a thoughtful – but useful – gift such as:

The high chair

A piece of furniture that will need to comfortable and safe for baby, but preferably be good to look at too, so think about the design of the expectant parents’ home or mum’s favourite colour. Choosing a high chair that will look fab in their home is a great gift to show how much you care.

The bouncy seat

While some bouncy seats can be relatively economical, if the expectant mum wants something with all the bells and whistles, this is a great gift for a few friends to club together for, making sure your friend has her hands free for cake and a catch-up!

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The “Awww” moments

Everyone wants their gift to garner the biggest “Awww!” of the day, and we’re sure they’ll be plenty of opportunity with these cute gift ideas:

Special outfits and clothing sets

While all basic onesies will, of course, be appreciated, why not go for something special and get a cute matching set? Think about an occasion or the season the baby will be wearing the outfit and match your choice accordingly. A special sun hat and beach outfit in age 3-6 months is a great gift if the soon-to-be mum is due in spring, for example.

Don’t be too focused on buying everything in newborn sizes – if baby arrives big, they might never get a chance to wear them, and the new mum will be glad to not have to rush to the shops for bigger sizings after the 0-3 months is up.

A mobile or artwork

The mum-to-be in your life might be vocal in her design choices for the baby’s nursery, so pick up on her theme and treat her to a matching mobile or artwork. If you’re particularly skilled in creative crafting, a homemade gift would be a great idea to show how much you care.

Baby’s first toys and book

While everyone knows Sophie le Giraffe – and by all accounts, it is a great gift – you might also look at getting something personalised, to make your idea stand out. While any children’s book is a timeless and wonderful gift, if the baby’s name is a sure thing, you can now get personalised books with the central character in their name to make it something even more special.

Alternatively, you could look at getting a teddy monogrammed with their initials or a present themed around their name. If the baby’s name will be Belle, a Beauty and The Beast gift could be a lovely idea.

The everyday needs

While perhaps not the most exciting of gifts, these items will be real lifesavers for your expectant friend or family member and will often be towards the lower budget, so collating a few items off the list and creating a thoughtful hamper can be a lovely way to show you care.

Receiving these gifts will take a weight off her shoulders and the knowledge that she has everything ready for little one’s arrival. These types of items include:

Towels, burp cloths and blankets/muslins

Arranged into a hamper, or a colour coordinated bundle – which will make washing them all easy for the new parents – receiving these essentials will make for a very relieved mum-to-be! If you live near a beach, maybe think about getting some cute hooded beach towels for baby’s first trip to the ocean, or if baby is due to arrive in winter, get blankets of varying weights to keep them snuggly warm.

Diaper/nappy bin

While not a glamorous gift, a diaper (or nappy) bin will be a welcome one. Maybe make it more fun, by filling it with diapers – in varying sizes will be best to suit baby whatever size they arrive in – or other small gifts for mum and baby, like shampoo or baby bath bubbles. Even chocolates and other treats to keep the new parents going through those long first few weeks will be appreciated.

A nightlight

Not necessarily just a functional gift, nightlights come in a variety of styles and functions. If the expectant parents live in a particularly hot or cold climate, a nightlight which also displays the room temperature could be an ideal way to help them keep bub cool or warm enough.

Alternatively, if your friend is planning a nature-themed nursery, for example, choose a nightlight in a cute design – like an owl or bunny rabbit.

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Gifts for mum

While, of course, the focus will be on the baby soon to arrive, the mum-to-be in your life might like a treat to herself! Gifts which can improve her comfort, or just put a smile on her face, could include a dressing gown, slippers or an item of jewellery.

If you’re looking for that something extra special, think of how you could personalise these gifts in relation to baby arriving; whether it’s a birthstone necklace for the month of baby’s due date or ‘Mummy’ slippers, they’ll be sure to be gifts that are remembered.

If you really want to put a smile on her face, think laterally – what might she reeaally want? Chocolate, sure, but some homemade ‘babysitting vouchers’ for you to give them the opportunity of a few baby-free hours, a booking for a massage (and complimentary babysitting from you, of course) or even signing them up to a meal delivery service could be just what they need to see them through.

Be a good guest

Be a good guest!While you’re in a minor panic over what gift says “I love you and your future child” enough, whilst also not stepping on anyone else’s toes or bankrupting yourself, imagine how the host is feeling! Trying to provide the perfect event is a tough ask, especially when emotions are high, so ask if you can help.

Maybe you could offer to arrive early and help set up decorations or take responsibility for the cake or baby shower games. We’re sure they would be grateful for any help, or if they’ve got it covered, they’ll let you know!

The end of pregnancy is a time to celebrate the new life which is about to come. It’s an emotional time for everyone, so it is an important day indeed to make the mum-to-be in your life feel like the very special lady she really is. Spoil her with the best baby shower she could want, by following these tips to giving her gifts she’ll really love.

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