Thanks a billion!

one billion lifecake

Hurrah! We’ve just reached a billion photo views on Lifecake. It’s odd. None of us knows what a billion of anything feels like.

Technically, it says how many times users have tapped or clicked on a photo to look at it more closely. But here’s what it really means.

We worked out that each photo on Lifecake earns about three seconds of attention.  That adds up to one hundred years of undivided attention. Aimed at those lovely little humans who’ll figure out the future — our children and grandkids.

Some of those photos made us happy. Others triggered nostalgia or even a hint of sadness. But what’s important is that these little moments made us feel something human.

So yes, a billion photo views mean something. You’ve created a billion moments that aren’t just memorable. They’re small, but they have serious emotional weight. They matter.

Thank you for making Lifecake a stop on your journey!

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Lifecake - Childhood lives here.
Lifecake - Childhood lives here.

Create a simple, beautiful record of childhood. From first steps to first kiss, share your child's photos and videos with Lifecake, the private place for families. Order print gifts directly from the app.

  1. I have not received any pics in months,I,be just given up on you.. I am the Zamparelli children’s Aunt. I loved seeing. Them on here,as they live a long way from me.If you c an do anything about this I thank you.

  2. I love Lifecake, it means that we still get to see our grandchild on the days that we are not child-minding her.
    I need my daily fix.
    I also love the fact that you can go back to the day she was born, and see her progress week after week.
    Well done on your achievement of 1 Billion.

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