Image source: Zoe Stewart

The summer holidays, dreaded by mums and dads everywhere.  HOW do you keep the kids entertained for 7 weeks?  It’s a lot of pressure, especially with four littles!  We wanted to share a typical day of our holidays with you.  

A day in the summer holidays

Our days start anywhere between 5am and 6:30am, we always hoped for the 8am risers but we never got quite so lucky.  So as soon as the sun is up there’s usually at least one kid in our bed and if we’re lucky sometimes all 4!

We like to fill our days as much as we can and keep busy so we end the day with knackered kids and a full nights sleep but with 4 kids ranging from 1 to 6 its quite hard to find something to suit everyone.    

Image source: Zoe Stewart

Early start

We try to go out as early as we can, when the holidays are on everything starts to fill up around lunch time.  So, in order to have everyone out the door and leaving early, I pack as much as possible the night before, packed lunches, a blanket, wipes, plasters, someone always has a fall.  A toy, or two.  Cameras, memory cards, jackets, because you know, Edinburgh, it rains a lot.  Hats, because the same.  Spare shorts, because there might be a puddle.  And if there is, Harry will find it in the first 10 mins.

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Ruby has her camera, the kids are all piled up waiting by the door.  Wellies?  Check!  And we are ready to go.  I usually have to run back in for something, Ruby needs to get back out of the car for a wee.  We all pile back IN the car, now… we are ready to go!

Beautiful places to visit

We are lucky enough to have a Historic Scotland pass.  We only recently decided to add it into our budget for the summer, but it’s been brilliant so far being able to wander around different places  just around Edinburgh.  Crichton Castle, was todays castle of choice, it’s less than 15 minutes away from our house but we’ve never visited before.  It’s tucked away down a winding path with the most stunning views of Midlothian.  Why we waited so long to visit such a beautiful place I have no idea but we are so glad we finally decided to go.  Such beautiful scenery and a gorgeous walk, makes the perfect day for tiring the kids out. 

Lovely lunchtime

We found a lovely little patch next to the old castle stables for some lunch.  Finding somewhere we can sit and eat, that the kids can still play and explore within eyesight is a must with ours.   A little more exploring round the ruins with a game of find the dragon and before we know it, it’s nap time.  We typically sling the small ones or pop them in the pram for a nap.  I’ll wake a slow walk around with them as they snooze and Ruby gets to have another quick tour of the dungeons and a game of hide and seek in the fire places. 

Castles are fast becoming our favourite things to do over the summer.  We can’t wait to explore more!

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