Thanksgiving. A time to be grateful for what we have and for spending quality time with those closest to us. With family all together it’s a great time to get everyone ‘in the picture’ too, capturing those moments that don’t happen all that often and giving you something to look back on year after year.

But that said, reluctant spouses, children who can’t sit still and grandpas snoozing in the chair don’t make for an easy time. We’ve put together 5 simple tips for putting the whole family in the frame over this holiday period!

Capturing Thanksgiving family photos

1. Long live the outtakes

Firstly, take away the pressure by not trying to focus on capturing the white teeth and perfect smiles shot. Sometimes the best photographs are the ones that will guarantee a smile when you look back over them years later.

2. Boss Baby

Get the kids involved, let them be the ‘Creative Directors’ for the photo, they’ll have heaps more fun if they are in charge.

3. Practice makes perfect

Practice with the self timer on the settings on your phone  / camera first to avoid that last-minute panic, although, sometimes the outtakes make for a much funnier photograph…. see tip 1!

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4. Make it personal

Use props like chalk boards or peg boards to relay a funny message or maybe something as simple as your names and the date. If you prefer, you can also add in other props, turkey hats are a great one!

5. Photo bursts

Make sure you’ve set your camera to take a minimum of 5 shots, that way you’ll be guaranteed to get at least one you’re happy with!

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