With the summer holidays fast approaching, us parents are often looking for great, wallet-friendly activities that we can do with our kids… have you ever considered photography? Taking photos together can be a fun family project and can also be a way to introduce learning without it seeming like homework, especially in the holidays!

Photo project ideas for kids

Here are some suggestions for photography projects that you might like to try with your kids this summer, you can even encourage the older kids to get involved in the shooting too.

Bug hunt

We often visit a local Woodland Trust forest and combine a family walk with photography. The children love to look for bugs under logs, sheep in the fields or the birds in the trees. When we get home we encourage the kids to do some further investigation by looking online to discover what species we uncovered by comparing them with the photographs they took.

Image Source: Nina Mace Photography
Image Source: Nina Mace Photography

Taking toys on an adventure

This can be extremely fun thing to do on days out or trips away, encourage children to create a story of their favourite toy or teddy going on an adventure by capturing what they get up in photographs.

Image Source: Nina Mace Photography
Image Source: Nina Mace Photography

Alphabet / number search

For younger children who are learning their alphabet or numbers, this is a really great idea to help them remember in a fun, interactive way. Take the camera or phone and get your children to spot and photograph letters or numbers along the way. Maybe they can spell out their name?

See a rainbow

Just like the numbers and letters project, you can also ask children to look for colours. You can set the task of finding primary colours or working their way around the colour wheel.

Signs of summer

This one might be hard in the UK 😉 but this term, my daughter’s homework was to identify signs of spring and this could work just as well for summer. Whilst taking these photos we talked about how to pick a point of focus and what position she should take photos from. We created a collage from her final images which she proudly displays on her bedroom wall.

Image Source: Nina Mace Photography
Image Source: Nina Mace Photography

How about at the end of the summer, you print out the photos and create a little photo gallery to give your children some recognition for their efforts? Happy, sunny days!

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