While the baby shower is a great time to gift the mum-to-be in your life with all the baby essentials she’ll need, once baby has arrived, it might be time to treat the new parents to something for themselves. Whether it’s a practical choice like a pressure cooker or coffee machine to keep them going through those long days (and nights) or a massage, new bedding or a TV or magazine subscription to give them something to look forward to, gifts for new parents are sure to be appreciated!

The best presents you can buy for new parents

Throughout pregnancy, expectant parents can also expect an abundance of gifts for their new baby. Gifting essentials like diapers (nappies), feeding equipment, bathing accessories and cute outfits for the new baby are all ways in which loved ones can share the excitement of the impending new arrival.

While there’s no doubt these gifts will be appreciated, giving a gift to expectant parents for their own enjoyment can mean just as much. After all, they are going through a time which is exciting and joyful of course, but can also be tiring, scary and stressful. You can show how much you care about them, as well as their new arrival, by giving one of these gifts to the new parents in your life.

To keep them going

1. Coffee machine

During those first few sleep-deprived months, coffee may be one of the things new parents most rely on, so why not treat them to a coffee machine? Not having to go to their local coffee shop will be great for their budget too, and while many pregnant women choose to avoid caffeine during pregnancy, it is safe to enjoy moderate levels of caffeine even when breastfeeding. Many machines will have specific coffee pods or capsules to be used with it, so make sure to get a supply that will last them a few months.

2. One pot wonder

Whether it’s a pressure cooker that will speedily make a variety of foods, or a slow cooker that, once prepped, can be left to its own devices to make something tasty for dinner, anything that makes getting food on the table easier will be appreciated.

As an add-on gift, look for a specific cookbook for slow or pressure cooker meals. Some pot cookers also have removable liners which makes even cleaning them simple, so look out for these too.

3. Meal subscription

Signing your loved ones up for a meal subscription service is a great idea if they love cooking, but are short on time – they often have quick recipe options for meals that can be cooked in less than 30 minutes. These handy kits get delivered on a day of their choosing, so no need to go to the shops, and they can choose the menu they receive; all ingredients are portioned for ease of cooking, so all they have to do is follow the simple recipe and dinner is served!

4. Microwave

If that all sounds like too much trouble – or if you’re loved ones cookery skills are far from perfect – a new microwave might be just what they need. If you’re a keen cook yourself, you can stock up their freezer with home-cooked and healthy meals in microwaveable tubs for a seriously easy meal for the new mum and dad.

5. Babysitting service

For your loved ones who have older children, as well as a newborn, offering to take big brother or sister out for the day, or have a sleepover at your house, could be just what they need. It will give them some alone time with their new bundle, and a chance to have a little less to deal with.

Giving the older children a fun day alone with you will also make them feel special which can be difficult when the new baby is taking up mum and dad’s attention, so it’s a win-win.

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For around the house

6. A cleaner

With a new baby demanding much attention and energy, daily chores can easily get on top of new parents, causing stress and anxiety to build up. A cleaning service is a gift that is best discussed with the new parents to ensure they are happy with the idea and schedule the best time for the cleaner to come. Pre-booking a weekly service for the first couple of months can take a whole load of stress out of the equation and leave more time for parents to enjoy their precious moments with their new baby.

7. A vacuum cleaner

When you’re stuck at home with the new baby, mess around the house can really be upsetting. If the idea of a cleaner coming into their home is too much, a new vacuum cleaner could be a great gift for the house proud parents. A battery operated stick model or hand-held vacuum is a great idea for the frequent spills of a tired new parent, and are easy and lightweight enough to whizz around the floor, even with baby in the other arm.

8. TV subscription

A lot of time over the first few months of parenthood is going to be spent in a chair, on the sofa or in bed, trapped under a sleeping or feeding baby, so new parents are going to need a lot to keep them entertained, or simply awake. If they don’t already have it, paying for them to get an online TV service with loads of box sets and films to enjoy will provide them with hours of much needed entertainment.

9. Tracking device

Baby brain”, although not technically a medical term, is certainly a real thing, and losing things is an easy and frustrating thing for new parents to do. Tracking devices which can easily fit in a wallet or on a keyring, and are traced by an app, are readily available, so if your loved ones are a little clumsy or forgetful, this could be a great gift. All they’ve got to do is make sure they keep hold of their phone…

10. Matching pyjamas

While your loved ones are in their new baby bubble, they might want little else than to keep cosy at home. For a novelty factor, or great if they are having a family photoshoot with their little ones, matching pajamas can make for an Insta-worthy snapshot (or ten)!

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Something to look forward to

11. At-home spa experience

At-home Spa experienceWhile baby is young, leaving them – and the house – might just be more hassle than it’s worth, so treating new parents to an at home spa experience is a great gift. Arrange for a masseur to visit them to soothe away their aches and pains, and put together a pamper hamper of delicious smelling candles, bath foams and moisturisers for them to enjoy. You could even offer to take little one out for a few hours to give mum and dad some alone time to enjoy and relax in each other’s company.

12. Eye and hand creams

While not to insinuate they look terrible, any new parents are going to appreciate something to mask those eye-bags! Eye creams and masks to reduce puffiness and dark circles will help them to feel better about themselves and all the handwashing after nappy changes and feeds will leave hands sore and dry, so an intensive hand cream will be appreciated too.

13. New pillows and bedding

New Pillows and BeddingBedtime is a special time for new parents, so why not make sinking into bed even better with some new pillows or blankets, to make them feel like they’re sleeping on air! Washable microfibre or man-made materials are a good choice if baby is co-sleeping, or in a cot in the parent’s bedroom, to reduce allergens.

14. Magazines and books

While baby is sleeping or independently playing, mum and dad are not going to want to distract them with too much noise – so good old fashioned books could be a great gift. We don’t mean a big, thick tome – something lighthearted and easy to pick up and put down as the opportunity arises is perfect. Alternatively, if the new parents have a particular interest, get them a monthly subscription to a magazine, so they can keep up-to-date with the action whilst otherwise occupied.

15. Day passes

A great idea if there are other young children in the family, a day pass to the local museum, gallery or attraction is a gift that keeps giving. Having an annual or monthly pass is often a much more economical way of visiting attractions, and will be an easy way to help entertain the youngsters while giving parents a change of scenery. Choose a location that has a kid-friendly zone and an onsite cafe for mum and dad, and your gift will be greatly appreciated.

There’s no escaping the fact that being a new parent is hard. Whether it’s a first baby, or a second, third or fourth baby, there are many challenging moments which is why it is so important to have a support system ready to help out. We know that friends and family of new parents play a vital role in their physical and mental wellbeing, whether it is providing babysitting so they can have a few hours of sleep, or special gifts to show how much they are loved.

Keeping mum and dad healthy, energised and feeling good about themselves will mean they can make the most of the precious first few months with their new baby.

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