This is a sponsored post.  Although paid, Katie was asked to honestly review the PowerShot G9 X Mark II.

If you are a parent you will be acutely aware of one major thing. Quite simply that is, how quickly time goes. There’s that saying, something along the lines of ‘The days are long but the years are short.’ and that’s such a true statement when it comes to parenting.

“The days are long but the years are short”

Sometimes it seems like these moments—and the organised chaos of our everyday life—will go on forever- an endless blur of snotty noses, kisses and cuddles, tantrums over who wants to have the blue bowl that morning at breakfast. But they won’t. Someday my children won’t run into our room in the morning so excited to see their Mummy and Daddy. Some day I won’t have to tell my little girl to stop jumping around like a flea when we are out and she is holding my hand because she is just such a ball of energy that she can’t walk sensibly. Someday I won’t lie feeding our baby boy his last feed at night time, I won’t stroke his head or watch the way his beautifully long eyelashes flutter as he drops off to sleep.

Even though some days can feel relentless, there are times when I want to grab it with both hands and tell it to just slow down. Those milestones happen so quickly- first steps, first words, first day at school… and while it is wonderful to watch your children reach them, at the same time it is so bittersweet too. They pass us as by all to quickly.

“I love to take photos of these mundane, ordinary, yet completely precious parts of motherhood”

I think that’s why I love photography so much. I think it’s so important to document what we can. Sure the holidays and those aforementioned milestones are lovely to record and treasure, but I can guarantee it will be the most ordinary moments that I will miss when they are grown up. The sitting around the table as a family chatting about our day, the endless trips to the park and the squeals when we push them on the swings. I love to take photos of these mundane, ordinary, yet completely precious parts of motherhood.

I use my phone 90% of the time to take photos. I have my DSLR, which I adore, but nowadays you can’t beat a phone for just snapping the odd photo while you go about your daily business. And funnily enough, some of my most favourite photos have been ones I have taken on my phone. They seem so much more ‘in the moment’ and candid somehow, less posed. That’s why I was really interested to try out the brand new PowerShot G9 X Mark II to see if it measured up to my phone.

The PowerShot G9 X Mark II is a slim 20.2 megapixel camera with a big 1 inch sensor. It really does feel small, so small you could put it in your pocket and forget it was there- exactly the type of thing I want as a busy Mum who has to carry so much about on a day to day basis. Plus its biggest selling point for me was the in-camera Wi-Fi, meaning I can take a photo on the camera and transfer it over to my phone within seconds, ready to edit on one of the photo editing app’s (afterlight and pic tap go are my favourites) and then ready to go straight online or stored and shared on Lifecake.

But does the PowerShot G9 X Mark II measure up quality wise? I decided to use the camera on just an average, ordinary weekend to see what it was like.

The first thing I see when I look at the above photos is just what a great quality they are. Considering the price of this camera (around £470) and the fact that it is just so small, the quality is really fantastic. I think the photos look really sharp, the colours are rich and it also captures so much detail. You can definitely tell it is a better quality than my smart phone (which is the newest model iPhone), the photos just pop a lot more. I loved shooting with it on my little random weekend day in the life. The camera is incredibly easy to use, with you being able to have as little or as much control as you like. For the purposes of this review I shot in auto, mainly to see what kind of settings the camera would capture on my behalf, and I was pleasantly surprised- the PowerShot G9 X Mark II took some lovely shots. But there are also various manual settings, as well as a video setting too. I quickly tried out the video setting too and thought it was fantastic- the camera was really quick to autofocus and the sound quality was great too.

The biggest selling point of the G9 X for me is it’s size. It is really easy to carry it around in your pocket, meaning that you have a better quality camera on you at all times. Then you can easily transfer to your phone using the built in wifi, meaning you have the best of both worlds. I can see a clear difference in the quality of the photos rather than using my phone, but it’s small enough to not get in the way, meaning you can still capture candid ‘in the moment’ photos like you would with your phone. I also really loved the touch screen, it was easy to use and clear to see what you needed to press in order to activate certain functions.

Are there any negatives for me? Yes, but only one. The camera screen doesn’t tilt and you can’t turn it to face you. For a selfie loving lady like myself this is the only drawback. However that certainly wouldn’t put me off, as other than that the camera takes really high quality photos that certainly beat my phone ones hands down. If you aren’t a selfie lover this really isn’t an issue. Overall the PowerShot G9 X Mark II is a perfect little all rounder to capture those special moments that make up our parenting journey.

And what a beautiful journey it is.

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