We all know how important family is as we depend on those closest to us for guidance, support and love. Throughout our lives, our parents or siblings are by our sides, caring for us and teaching us life’s essential lessons.

The evolution of family

That said, the traditional UK family unit doesn’t quite look like what it used to. Here at Lifecake, we explored how the traditional family has changed. With some research and insight from the UK population, we also identified the most significant changes in how British people view families.

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LGBT Parenting

The LGBT community has led one of the fastest-growing social movements of the past century. In recent years, it has celebrated various milestones, including gaining rights for adoption in 2002. As a result, in 2016 same-sex parents accounted for 9.8% of all adoptions in the UK, with almost 9 times as many adoptions in England than in Scotland and Wales combined.

Supportive Cities and Countries

Many countries have become increasingly supportive of the LGBT community as it grows. Overall, British society appears to be welcoming towards same-sex parents. We also surveyed the public on their opinions of gender-neutral parenting, the practice of discouraging gender stereotypes and moving away from the boy/girl dichotomy when raising children. We found that 42% of young adults (aged 18-24) regard gender-neutral parenting as important, reflecting its increasing prevalence.

London proves its significance in LGBT support as it was voted the best city for LGBT couples to live in. More than 70% of Londoners agree that London is the friendliest city for LGBTs to live in. For same-sex parenting in particular, London has been especially accommodating. More companies have begun supporting LGBT parents just as traditional ones.

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Company Support

Around 90% of respondents said that the workplace has become much more accommodating towards parents. Companies provide greater benefits and support for mothers and fathers. Both parents need time to cherish precious early moments of their children’s lives, and it seems that more fathers are taking a hands-on role in day-to-day parenting.

stay at home dad

Stay-at-home Dads

Fathers who take the primary parent role in raising their kids are a growing trend in the UK. Just as with other progress in gender issues, home-making, a responsibility that was still mainly seen as a mother’s job 20 years ago, is finally getting the adjustment it deserves.

90% of respondents described stay-at-home dads as “selfless and progressive towards their partner’s career”.  It’s a growing community that even holds annual conventions where fathers meet up, share thoughts, exchange tips and don humorous t-shirts.

For all of this and more, check out our infographic below:

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