How do you use Lifecake?

It’s time for another ‘Meet the Lifecaker.’ This time we have Effie from London! She shares how Lifecake has been a part of little Eva’s first year and how it’s helped her dad at sea keep up to date with his granddaughter….WiFi permitting!

 Tell us a little bit about you and your family….

My husband, Eva and I are a little unit of 3 and we live in Islington, London. Eva is nearly 11 months old and arrived on the 23rd of December 2016. Christmas was a definite blur but I remember us placing Eva on the table as our centrepiece. We’re now fully in the swing of parenthood and cannot believe how quickly it is going!

How did you find out about Lifecake?

It was on one of my ‘mum’ Whatsapp groups when we were all complaining about our babies waking up at all hours! One mum mentioned an app that she was really enjoying called Lifecake, and so I thought I would give it a go. I’m so glad I did! Lifecake has been a brilliant tool for connecting Eva’s life to her nearest and dearest, and I know that her grandparents adore logging in to see new pictures of her.

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How often do you use Lifecake? 

Honestly, every day! I have been taking at least one photo a day of Eva since she was born and uploading it to the app. My dad is a captain at sea and we often have limited communication with him. But, with Lifecake, it’s almost like he doesn’t miss one moment of Eva growing up. As soon as he has a WiFi connection on the ship I know because I have about 100 notifications of likes and comments from him. I think it’s so, so special!

What’s your favourite feature about the app? What features would you like to see?

I love how easy the app is to use and the fact that you can invite members to access the album. Lots of my friends have Instagram accounts for their babies but this is so much quicker and, in my opinion, safer! I also love the emails I receive that show you how much your child has grown. There are no features I’d like to see – I think the app has it all sorted!

Lifecake is all about remembering the firsts, what ‘first’ for your child sticks out in memory?

I will never forget the moment I first held Eva. She was put on my chest in the hospital and all I can remember seeing were these beautiful, long, dark eyelashes. They were so long they went above her eyebrows! She still has those gorgeous lashes now.

What’s been your favourite thing about parenthood so far? 

I am so grateful for the connection I have with Eva. Being a mother is amazing and, for me, it’s all because of the special bond that I share with my daughter. It gets stronger and stronger every day and I can’t believe that two people can love each other the way we do. I just know that I can cheer her up or comfort her or make her feel safe, and that I’m all she needs right now. This keeps me going, even during the 3am wake ups! I know that this time is so precious and will be over before I know it so I’m trying to make the most of it!
Oh, and maternity leave is brilliant. I have definitely milked it and been on A LOT of holidays with Eva!

What one bit of advice do you have? 

Trust your intuition with everything! You’re nearly always right when it comes to your baby.

And finally, describe your perfect Sunday to us 🙂

This Autumn/Winter time is a definite favourite for my family. Our current perfect Sunday would start with a lie-in (a wonderful 8am these days…) with Paul and Eva, and a lazy breakfast all together around the kitchen table. We would then wrap up warm to go for a family stroll along the Regents Canal and end up somewhere green to admire the season. This would be followed by a local pub lunch (preferably somewhere with a fire) and a twilight walk back home. Then hopefully we would get Eva to bed nice and early so that we have a few hours to read/watch TV/drink some wine/all of the above!


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