Lifecake team

Meet the Lifecake team!

Ever wondered who’s behind the Lifecake app and responsible for answering your queries, squashing those bugs, building those features or creating those colourful designs? Wonder no more….

Front row L to R:

Kosta – User Experience. Working in our design team, Kosta works on the user journey and experience when it comes to our design. He also a mean cook and can often be found throwing something very tasty together for the whole team to enjoy over lunch.

Irina – Office Manager. Irina keeps us all in check and keeps morale high in the Lifecake office. Levels of tidiness and birthday cakes have definitely improved since her arrival 😉

Trace – Community Manager. Trace is in charge of our social media presence, community outreach and this very blog in fact. She is about to embark on her biggest job to date though, she’s off to have a baby in the new year!

Pamela – Motion Designer and Illustrator. New to the team, Pam is responsible for all the amazing illustrations and videos you may have seen popping up recently… including the amazing illustration at the top of this newsletter!

Deniz – Customer Support. Deniz makes up one third of our Customer Support team, you may well have spoken to her if you have experienced an issue with the app. Deniz is also a regular user of Lifecake…. for her cat 😉

Ipek – Customer Support. Just like Deniz, Ipek also deals with customer queries and issues. Ipek is one of the longest members of the Lifecake team and is also a dab hand at various languages…. molto bene!

Silvia – Android Developer. Silvia makes up part of the Android team building new features and solving issues within the Android app. She returned to the fold over the summer after spending some time on maternity leave and we’re so happy to have her back.

Filippo – iOS Developer. Fillipo works on the iOS version of the app, building features and squashing bugs. He also loves to cook (sensing a theme here?) and treats us to lots of Italian delights.

Bea – Back-end and Dev Ops Developer. Recently joined us to work in the platform team where she works on the core data storage for Lifecake. She hails from Spain, which means delicious cured meats and cheeses make it back into the office following visits home 🙂

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Middle row L-R:

Lampros – Android Developer. Whilst Lampros now spends lots of his time working on the Irista app, he started off working on Lifecake and still assists the Android team 🙂 He definitely makes the best Christmas Elf too, just check out that t-shirt.

Sean – Web Developer. Sean works as part of our Web team, building and fixing things on the web version of Lifecake. But when he’s not busy coding, he can be found DJ’ing around London.

Matt – Platform Architect. Matt is one of the founding members of Lifecake and continues to work within our Platform team. When he’s not busy staring at a screen full of crazy code, he can be found racing his beloved kit car around various tracks in the UK.

Joe – Companion App Developer. Joe has recently joined the team to work on Canon’s Companion app, working on user experience and adding features. He’s also a great test case for Lifecake being a busy Dad of 4, including twins!

Ferenc – Product Tester. Ferenc, usually based in Hungary, is part of our testing team who thoroughly test the app or the web before any new releases are made available to you.

Nika – Web Developer. Nika is another lovely new face in the office, having recently joined the Lifecake team to work on all things Lifecake Web with Sean. Nika is also a huge kitten lover, often believing she is actually quarter cat 😉

Pauline – Project Manager. Pauline keeps our Development and Testing team in order and makes sure that deadlines and release targets are met. She’s also well-travelled, before joining Lifecake, Pauline spent 5 years working and living in China.

Back row L-R:

Pierre – European Product Sales Manager. Pierre is heavily involved in Lifecake’s printing sector and works closely with our print partners, ensuring quality and development.

Ed – Lifecake Lead. Ed was one of the original founders of Lifecake and still to this day oversees everything product and strategy related.  Although some might say his offspring are the real stars, you may recognise them popping up in lots of our marketing campaigns.

Sam – Growth Specialist. Sam heads up the strategic and marketing part of Lifecake’s growth plan. Aside from that, he has a weird obsession with notebooks and a not so weird one with coffee.

Dean – Product Lead. Dean works closely with Ed and oversees big decisions made on the product and the overall strategy for Lifecake. Dean, hailing from the Southern Hemisphere, has had enough of these cold climes and is off in search of some sunshine this Christmas. We’re not jealous. Much.

John – Product Tester. Like Ferenc, John is based in Hungary and makes up the other part of our testing team busy finding bugs that might exist before we release updates. These guys know the Lifecake app and website inside out.

Dave – Android Developer. Dave works with Silvia on the Android app, working on new features and squashing those pesky bugs. Dave grew his moustache for Movember to raise money for charity but loved it so much, it’s become a permanent feature!

Aitor – Platform Developer. Aitor joined the Platform team earlier this year to help maintain and develop the internals of Lifecake. We have recently discovered he has a real love for Christmas songs, he’s a keeper.

Artjom – iOS Team Leader. Artjom is part of the Lifecake furniture, being the first Lifecake employee over 5 years ago. He heads up the iOS development team, building new features and working on bugs. You might also recognise Artjom as the face of a recent calendar promotion. Sales went through the roof 😉

Pete – Platform & Engineering Lead. Another co-founder, Pete leads the platform team that builds the glue for Lifecake and Canon Digital Services . He also has one of the furthest commutes to the office of over 110 miles each way. Dedicated.

Alex – Backend Engineer. Alex spends his day developing and maintaining the internals of Lifecake. He also has one of the longest commutes to work, luckily he has Pete to keep him company!   

And the missing few:

Claire – Customer Support. Claire makes up the final piece of our Customer Support team working with Deniz and Ipek resolving issues for you. She also makes the best meringues, don’t let anyone tell you any different.

Ingrid – Head of Partnerships. Ingrid works within our Marketing team, working with big partners to raise awareness of Lifecake. Ingrid, who hails from France, got married this September to a Mr French. For real.

Laura – Paid Marketing. Laura is over from Canon USA working with Lifecake for a year working within our marketing team.  Sadly we have to say farewell to Laura in the spring, we hope she’s learned lots…

Thomas – Data Scientist. Thomas has recently joined us to help make the right decisions on the product. He is also an avid photographer and he was the man behind the lens on this shot hence why he is missing!

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