Meet the Lifecake fan

Along with her husband and small daughter, Anna has made the huge move to Warsaw, Poland from the US with work. We caught up with her to find out how they’ve adjusted and why 90 year old grannies still know best.

Thanks for this Anna, so how long have you been living in Poland?

We’re currently on a 3 year posting to Warsaw, we moved over here in July 2015 when our daughter was just 11 months old.

That must have been really tough for you and your family and friends…

Yes, as you can imagine, they weren’t thrilled that we’d all be thousands of miles away, split across three continents…

That brings me nicely on to Lifecake! 

Ha ha! We’d actually discovered Lifecake before our daughter was born. Whilst I was pregnant I researched all of the baby photo apps out there and settled on Lifecake because it seemed so easy and simple to set up, an important factor when you have a newborn!

Image source: Anna
Image source: Anna

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Good choice! We’re guessing it’s become more than just simplicity now though?

We couldn’t live without it now! We always try to update Lifecake on a weekly basis for all of our family and friends but it usually becomes a daily thing as every grandparent, auntie, uncle and cousin love commenting on the photos and talking to us about them.  A good friend recently told me that although she hasn’t spent nearly enough time with my daughter, she feels like she knows her personality because of the photos and videos we share.  I’m sure even if we were still in the US, our family is so big that Lifecake would still be a lifesaver!

Great stuff, it sounds like your little girl has quite the fan base…

One of her biggest is my 90 year old granny who checks Lifecake for updates daily. She’ll think nothing of calling to tell us if she thinks our daughter isn’t dressed warmly enough in the photos and videos!

What a legend! Grannies do know best though to be fair. Aside from your granny’s input, what do you love about Lifecake?

I personally love looking at how much our baby has changed, I can’t wait to finally print out a photo book.

Thanks Anna, enjoy the rest of your time in Poland and make sure your little girl is wrapped up warm, remember Granny is watching!

Image source: Anna
Image source: Anna

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