★★★★★ Lifecake Review

We recently caught up with Lifecake super-user Ann-Marie from Ireland to find out what the app means to her and hear why she’s under strict orders to post at least 10 photos a day!

How did you first hear about Lifecake?

I first heard about Lifecake when it was featured as a best new app for babies. I downloaded it the first week following our daughter’s birth in August 2014 and have been using it daily ever since!

What has it meant to you and your family?

A huge amount. Lifecake has become a lifeline to my family, one of my sisters lives in Texas, USA and another in Alicante, Spain and it literally helps them watch my daughter grow on a daily basis. Although saying that, even her Nana in Galway and her other Nana less than half a mile up the road are just as addicted!

Wow, so we guess even with them being spread out all over the world, they still get to see all the important milestones?

They literally get to see her grow. They’ve listened to her trying to pronounce new words, watched her excitement as she took her first few steps, to the same day-to-day things like watching her splash in the bath or playing with her dogs. They’re totally a part of the journey so far.

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That’s so great to hear…

It kills them that they can’t be with her in person every day so this really is the next best thing. I upload anything between 10 to 30 videos or pictures every day… anything less and I am certainly given out to, they want to know where the updates are!

Do you find Lifecake addictive?

Definitely, when I wake up in the morning the first thing I do is check the comments left on photos by my family overnight and reply. My sister in America will say it’s her treat every evening before she goes to bed to go on Lifecake and see the day’s photos and videos.

How has your experience with Lifecake changed over time?

When I’m work and my husband is in charge, I can check Lifecake to see what they’re up to at home together!

Brilliant! We hope they’re behaving 😉 so you’d recommend Lifecake?

YES! It quite literally has become an intrinsic part of our lives and I wouldn’t change that for the world.

Thanks Ann-Marie, we love this and we love you! We also managed to grab a quick five minutes with sister Fionnuala in Texas, USA;

We’ve been hearing all about how Lifecake has enabled you to keep up with your niece’s development…

Lifecake has become such an important app, it means I can keep up with my niece’s growth and see all aspects of her life through photos and videos, I cannot speak highly enough about it!

We guess being so far away it’s hard to get real-time visits in?

Yes, living in a different country and being so far away means I only get to go home once a year, so it’s definitely helped me to feel included in my niece’s life and keep up that connection we have.

Thanks for sharing your Lifecake experience ladies, it’s great to hear we’re such an important part of your lives!

Image source: Ann-Marie

learn more about lifecake baby photo app from bump to birth and beyond

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