A letter to my pregnant self

Dear Sammi-Jo,

You are very close to having your baby now, and although you are the size of an elephant and have a bladder the size of a pea, be sure to enjoy every moment of those sweet feeling slow days. The days where you get up with an alarm or by your own accord. Yes, you will miss the sound of an alarm as a wake up call, trust me! Be sure now, to sleep as much as you can, eat and drink often. You are growing a human and need the energy so make some cakes and rest. Do not feel guilty about it!

There are some things that you will miss about being pregnant, and although you have loved being pregnant overall it has not been easy for you. Remember that it is perfectly normal to cry at a toilet roll advert or feel overwhelmingly happy that you have managed to get up off the couch without sounding like an old lady groaning! You will feel even more emotional as the weeks go by, and question whether it is normal to feel the way you do. I can whole heartedly say, it is.

It is also normal to feel the need to clean the wooden staircase, the skirting boards and the front step on your hands and knees at least once a week. Just go with it, because you will never feel the need to do it again once she is here. In fact, it will help the baby to get into the right position for childbirth so scrub away.

Make sure you buy enough nappies to last a good few weeks, be sure to get a size bigger than you think. Its better to have them slightly bigger than too snug! No one will be happy when the poo comes out of the sides because they are too small! Do not schedule any plans for the first few weeks after the birth, you will be getting to grips with how to feed your baby and the last thing you need is to worry about being dressed for visitors!

Be sure to recognise when you need the help and do not be afraid to ask for it. She will be okay with your mum while you have a shower and eat a hot meal. You will learn that you are far less stubborn than you thought and that you actually appreciate your mother’s experience as you find that after all these years, you are actually very similar. Although, remember that your maternal instincts are strong and that if the mother in law or any other person ‘offers’ advice, that you know what is best for your baby. However, as always, be kind to them, because you will need them when you go back to work! That does not mean that you have to listen to them. The best response you can do is nod politely, then you can share your real feelings with your friends over coffee!

I know it feels like you are exhausted right now, and you are desperate for her to come on time but take a moment to remember the feeling of her growing inside you. Take more pictures of your growing belly and even a video of her moving inside you. You will look back on these one day with fond memories.

You are worried about going over due, but don’t. She will come when she is ready, and just keep doing what you are doing. Although, possibly eat less pineapple.

You have been practicing some relaxation techniques, keep at them and keep up with the perineal massage. No one ever tells you how important that is, but well done you for being so intuitive and looking for things to help with the birth. You will not regret that one!

By now you will have already named the beautiful girl who is growing inside you, she will suit the name you have chosen more than you can imagine and your mum will cry when you tell her. You have not decided whether to have your mum there for the birth, and you do not make your mind up until you are in labour. As you have no birth plan, it works well for you as you have no expectations of how labour will unfold. All I will tell you, is that you are stronger than you think. Never underestimate your strength again Sammi-Jo.

Being pregnant is just the beginning, and being a mother can be as hard as it is rewarding. At times you will long for the days where you could just grab your bag and leave the house without a second thought or have a toilet visit without an audience, but everyday you are thankful that you have her. Who knows, you may go through it all again in a few years time.

It can’t be that bad.

Finally, be nice to Mike, he is your rock during labour. He will surprise you more than you could ever imagine, and continue to show you why you chose to spend your life with him.

Lots of love, Your future self.

Sammi-Jo Brook

Hello! My name is Sammi-Jo, a nearly 30 year old mother of 2, wife to one. I am a supporter of mothers, women and humans and I have a genuine love for cake and sleep.... although the latter is a distant memory.

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