Gift Ideas for New Dads on their First Father's Day

Whether his baby is newly arrived in the world, a few months old or nearing their first birthday, the first time each Dad gets to officially celebrate being a father is a really special day. Make him a card with your baby’s tiny hand or footprints, let him have a lie-in then bring him breakfast in bed. And get him a gift to show just how much he’s appreciated.

Read on for our guide to inspired gifts for dads celebrating their first Father’s Day.

Practical gifts to help Dad out

1. Dad coat

Gone are the days of heading out of the house in a t-shirt and jeans with his phone in one pocket and his wallet in the other. Where’s he gonna put the wet wipes? What happens if it chucks it down with rain? If Dad’s going to be pushing baby round and round the block in the buggy till they fall asleep or heading to the park to keep bubs amused for a few hours, a good waterproof and windproof coat with some serious pockets is a must.

2. Insulated mug

If you’re a new parent, you’ll know the probability of drinking a whole cup of coffee or tea before it goes cold is approximately 2%. Three sips is about as much as you can hope for. Give the sleep-deprived new Dad in your life a stylish insulated coffee mug and he will thank you from the bottom of his heavily-caffeine-dependent heart.

3. Comfy slippers

Before baby came along, chances are slippers never crossed his mind. Running shoes, yes. Walking boots, maybe. Slippers, urrrr no. But now getting up in the middle of the night is his new normal, a pair of slippers to keep his toes warm might just be the gift he’s been dreaming of.

Lovely gifts to share with baby

4. Picture books

Is there anything cuter than seeing a new Dad curled up reading a bedtime story with his little baby? Research shows that sharing books with children from when they’re tiny helps to sooth them, promotes bonding and gives them a head start in loads of areas of development. Books with lots of colorful pictures and fun rhymes are great for little ones and you can find plenty with a Daddy and child theme for Father’s Day.

5. Daddy and baby photo book

While we’re on the subject of books, one of the gifts that’s guaranteed to bring a tear to a new Dad’s eye is a unique personalized photo book. Fill it with pictures of him and his new child, include snaps of the whole family or add text to create a special story featuring Dad and mini-me that they can share again and again.

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6. Dad journal

Even if you’re really close to your own Dad, there’s probably loads you’d love to hear about his life and interests, but you just never get the time. A Dad journal is a wonderful way for a new Dad to share his memories and stories with his kids. Using the prompts on each page, he can fill up the journal at his own pace adding photos and mementoes too.

7. Matching Daddy and child activity sets

Here’s a gift idea that will come into its own as your baby grows up. Whatever pastime Dad is into, buy a baby version to help him introduce bubs to his favorite hobby – football, gardening, painting, cycling, cooking, whatever. Just imagine how cute they’d look in matching chef’s hats and aprons!

Gifts to show how well you know him

8. Kid-free day pass

As magical as being a new Dad is – and it really is – some precious me-time every now and again is a wonderful, wonderful thing. You could make a homemade voucher signed with your little one’s handprint, promising Dad a day to himself. Or for a specific surprise, get him tickets to a sports game you know he’d love, sign him up for a race car driving experience or book him into a fancy spa for the day.

9. TV subscription

When it’s the deepest darkest part of the night-time and all baby wants to do is sleep upright on a warm, non-moving, squashy object, box sets can be a godsend. Sign a new Dad up to his favorite subscription channel to keep him company while he’s stuck on the couch cradling baby and you will be his best friend for life.

10. Cool fan stuff

Have you got a football-crazy new Dad in the house? A Game of Thrones mega-fan? Someone who celebrates each new Doctor Who episode like the arrival of a new baby? Whatever he’s obsessed with, get him a gift for his first Father’s Day to reflect that passion. Try searching on eBay or Etsy to find a unique piece of memorabilia, a personalized sports shirt or a unique handmade tribute. And tell him it was all the baby’s idea, obviously.

To celebrate their first Father’s Day get them personalized photo gifts from Lifecake. If you want to use your own photos and every day craft items you can also check our blog post Father’s Day cards – get creative with photos! 

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