Father’s Day – what is all the fuss about?

By the time my first Father’s Day comes around on the 17th June, Amber will be six-and-a-half-months-old. My wife Rebekah insists time has flown by, but I couldn’t disagree more. Six months has felt like six years, and that is no insult on my daughter, for she is a little angel the majority of the time and only the devil reincarnated for the briefest.

I think the reason I struggle to believe we have been a family of three for only six months is because we have crammed so much into that time, while mine and Rebekah’s relationship, probably like a lot of new parents’ experience, has had its share of ultimate highs and tiring lows.

After a straightforward pregnancy, up until the last-second when Rebekah was diagnosed with pre-eclampsia and Amber ‘simply had to come out’ – with the baby not due for two weeks, those words will stay with me – we couldn’t believe what a beautiful creature we had created, especially after everyone claimed she looked like me.

There were a range of emotions that I had never experienced before. Genuinely, I think over the last few weeks it has only sunk in that Amber is not a rental and isn’t going back to the hospital for someone else. She is a permanent fixture.

Becoming parents is something we both craved, and we are beyond lucky to have welcomed Amber into our lives. That said, while we have our fun, days out, and all the photos imaginable to share and remind ourselves of the special moments, parenthood has also been bloody tough – physically, mentally and emotionally.

I have embraced it, enjoyed it and, I think, been a decent dad to Amber so far, but there are moments that frustrate and upset: a baby that can’t stop crying, wishing I was at home instead of work, or a row about serious things, like increased pressures on finances, or trivial matters, such as not making the bed properly – which is solely my compulsive side taking centre stage!

So Father’s Day couldn’t have come at a better time. Life is chaotic for everyone; however, for one day of the year, dad (that’s me this year!) can be the centre of attention. It’s my half-time! Time to put the feet up for five minutes. Here’s the kind of day I’m craving:

  1. A walk down to my favourite cafe in Godmanchester
  2. The end result being an all-butter scone with clotted cream and jam — in that order
  3. Several kisses and cuddles from Amber
  4. A beer in the afternoon — or several — in our local’s pub garden
  5. A takeaway from the world’s greatest Chinese restaurant: Cinta in Godmanchester, UK
  6. Bathtime and read Amber one of her favourite bedtime stories
  7. And sleep!

The key I think is to feel appreciated and wanted. In terms of gifts, I don’t even need a ‘thank you’ card from Amber, but knowing Rebekah as well as I do, she will have been researching weeks prior to this and will know exactly what I will be receiving.

For Mother’s Day, I bought a canvas full of baby snapshots and moments from various days out and a bespoke baby grow. I was sure I had nailed it; however, unfortunately, I had got one stamped with the word ‘Mum’ as opposed to ‘Mummy’, and I was asked ‘politely’ to order the ‘right’ one.

Whatever Rebekah has planned, I am sure she won’t make that kind of rookie-error… six months in, and she is a pro already!


For those with bigger kids who like to get creative, here are some Father’s Day Cards ideas using photos and other stuff that’s easy to get your hands on.  Father’s Day, done!

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