Celebrating milestones

We’ve been catching up with several Lifecake users to find out how they use Lifecake to record and relive those moments, over and over. Next up we have Natasha and Chris and their little girl Caitlin.

Some call us nosy but we call it research – how did you find out about Lifecake?

We started using Lifecake before our daughter was born because my sister recommended it. She has a little boy who is five months older than Caitlin and so she was raving about it.

So, did you use it before the birth? What sort of things did you record?

We started using it a few weeks before the birth so we’ve got some excellent shots of my bump! I also love a photo we have of the grandparents at the hospital waiting for news.

Adorable. Speaking of your family, do they enjoy the updates?

My husband’s parents (her Oma and Opa) absolutely love it as they live abroad on a boat, so Lifecake, along with video calls, really helps them to be involved with her life, particularly as she changes so fast. They can comment on the photos and see when she gets to the really important milestones, like standing up for the first time. Having said that, the other set of grandparents, who live just down the road also really enjoy the pictures.

Image Source: Natasha
Image Source: Natasha

Amazing! What about you guys? What do you enjoy about using Lifecake?

We find it a really great app for looking back and how she has grown and for working out the answer when we start wondering how old she was when a particular thing happened. We all really enjoy using it… and now Caitlin is at the age where she is starting to look at it herself!

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Another Lifecake fan, start them young Natasha we like that! What sort of moments have you been capturing and uploading?

We normally do at least one photo a day, more on particularly fun days! Taking photos every day has meant we have photos of lots of ‘firsts’… opening her eyes, rolling over, first time on solids and walking. But largely it’s just a fantastic record of all the lovely things she has done during her first year, it goes so quickly so it’s great to have something to look back through.

Finally, we can’t let you go without asking you what your favourite milestone is that you’ve uploaded to Lifecake….

Oh that’s too difficult to pick just one, although there is one of my husband Chris dancing with her in the kitchen that always makes me smile!

Thanks Natasha and Chris and your gorgeous little smiler Caitlin!

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