Family holding hands at Christmas market

Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat, time to put Daddy in a funny Santa hat! Now the countdown to the festive season has begun, you might be thinking about how you can make your Christmas cards really special this year. A family photo might be just the thing. Whether it’s a tradition you look forward to every year or a new idea to try, family photo Christmas cards are a lovely chance to mark the end of another fun-filled year and send your love to friends and family near and far.

Make your Christmas card special with a family photo

We know time is tight for families, and even more so at this time of year. So, we’ve gathered together some awesome photo Christmas card ideas from all over the internet to give you some inspiration for your own creations. By the time you’ve scrolled down to the bottom, you’ll know exactly how you’re going to make your Christmas cards sparkle this year.

Find the family photo Christmas card idea for you

1. Use your best family photo of the year

family photo for using on Christmas card - mum and dad teaching girl to ride bike

Ok, this one is the quickest way to make an awesome photo Christmas card. Just use the best family photo you’ve already got. You know the one we mean. It might be the one where you’re all actually looking at the camera. Or the one that captures one of your child’s milestone moments. Or when you’re laughing so hard you forgot the camera was there. It’s usually the one you find yourself scrolling through your timeline to look at again and again! So, if you’re pushed for time to create a specific Christmas photo, upload your favorite picture of the family and create the easiest – but probably best – Christmas card ever!

2. Get dressed up

Family Christmas photo in the snow

Most of us don’t have that many excuses to get all dressed up and looking fancy as a family. So your family Christmas card photo is a great opportunity to get your glad rags on and show your family and friends how well you can scrub up!

3. Keep things traditional

Family photo in front of Christmas tree

There can be a lot of pressure these days to be quirky or unique with your family Christmas photos, but there’s a lot to be said for a traditional or more formal shot too. If traditional is what will make you and our family happy, then go for it. Think about what kind of backdrop you’d like and whether you want to put your best frocks on or keep the styling more casual.

4. Show your funny side

Mum and daughter funny photo
via Jeff Porter

Your family Christmas card is about YOUR family, so do whatever you feel reflects you. Do you love joking about or dressing up in silly outfits? Are you into politics, with family members who would love a satirical reference or two? How about showing off your festive dance moves? Or acting out a Christmas scene? Whatever you decide to do, make sure everyone in the family is up for it so you don’t have any grumpy faces on your Christmas card – although that could be pretty funny too!

5. Capture the Christmassyness

Family decorating Christmas tree

Snapping the perfect family photo for your Christmas card doesn’t have to mean loads of extra planning. You’ll already be up to all sorts of Christmassy things around the start of December, so why not just capture a pic of the lovely family memory and use that to say happy Christmas to your loved ones too? Anything from going to collect your tree and decorating it to seeing the Christmas lights switch-on or wrapping presents could work really well.

6. Plan an activity

Family Christmas baking

For some families the thought of a formal photo shoot can be a bit intimidating – or even a bit boring! Trying to get everyone to sit still, look in the same direction and smile at the same time isn’t everyone’s idea of a fun time. Bring the fun to your Christmas card photo by playing a game together, baking some Christmas treats or even just heading to the park. The activity will help everyone to forget they’re having their photo taken and just relax.

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7. Celebrate in the great outdoors

Father and daughter at a Christmas fair

Family Christmas cards set in a snowy winter wonderland are very cool. It makes you look and feel like you live in a Christmas film for one thing! But even if you don’t have snow, there are still loads of lovely shots you can get of the family outside in the winter. Your photoshoot could be set in a forest or park, by the sea or on a hill if you want the nature-inspired look. Or go for a Christmas market, street scene or colorful shopfront if you’re in town.

8. Include your furry family members

Dog and Christmas tree

It’s all very well focusing on the humans in your family, but for some people no family photo is complete without including your furry babies (or scaly, or feathery or crawly!). You could even make your pets the stars of the show and put only them on the card. That’s if you can persuade them to play ball – we’re looking at you cats!

9. Do what you love

Family singing and playing music
via Andrea Rose

Ever noticed just how bright and shiny people look when they’re doing something they genuinely love? Capture that sparkle for your festive photo by snapping a pic of you all doing a hobby or pastime that you really enjoy as a family. It might be playing a sport, reading, gardening or playing music together.

10. Embrace the matching outfits

Family Christmas photo matching pajamas

Ok, so there are plenty of folk out there who think wearing matching outfits for a Christmas photo isn’t for them. But we say, don’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried it! The key to staying the right side of cringe is to make sure whatever you’ve got planned fits with your family’s personality and get everyone on board. Matching Christmas jumpers, pajamas or Santa can be super cute – especially if you’ve got little kids and pets in the mix too.

11. Just the kids

Smiling baby in Santa hat

Is there anything cuter than kids at Christmas? The answer is no. Christmas is pretty much all about the kids. And grown-ups getting to act a bit more like kids too. But mainly it’s about the kids. There’s nothing wrong with focusing on the kids for your family Christmas card photo, but once they get to be teenagers you might have a bit of a job to persuade them to dress up as elves!

12. Make a photo montage

Photo montage family Christmas card

When you’re thinking about getting great photos for your Christmas card, it can sometimes feel like there’s a lot of pressure to get it right – especially if you’ve booked a special activity or a professional photographer. But you don’t necessarily have to capture “the one”. If you haven’t got the exact group shot you wanted, or you’d like to show more sides to your family, why not plump for a photo montage for your card? Far-flung relatives will love seeing more photos of you all too.

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