Meet the Lifecake fan

We love hearing from Lifecake users, even more so when they casually drop into the conversation that they use the app more than Facebook. Meet Caylee, an amazing mum to Jo who’s 2 and baby Dean who is almost 5 months, who has been busy documenting all of their milestones and moments within the Lifecake app since her first born was little.

We caught up with her to hear all about her full-blown addiction to Lifecake….

So, how did you first discover Lifecake?

I was going through my Facebook newsfeed when a suggested app showed up, I clicked on it, it was Lifecake and it was love at first sight! I’m just sad I didn’t find it sooner, I think my oldest was just a couple of months old at the time though, so I didn’t mind working through and adding pictures of her since birth. Besides my baby monitor app, it’s definitely the most used app on my phone – I check it more than Facebook!

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Awww, the feeling’s mutual Caylee 😉 dare we ask how often you use it?

Um, let’s just say every time I have a notification I open the app! I only have my own children on my main scroll, but I follow 16 yep, one-six, babies in total! One is not born yet, but it’s my sister’s baby and so we have tagging her belly at baby showers and ultrasounds so she has built up a good few pictures of her in Lifecake already. I sometimes get embarrassed when I look back through my day and see that I’ve uploaded 10+ photos of my children, but I have two small kids and they are so fun to capture! I don’t think (hope!) anyone minds….

Nothing to be embarrassed about there! Great that you’ve got your sister hooked already, did you use it during your second pregnancy?

I did! During my pregnancy with Dean I uploaded all of my ultrasounds.

And as one of our superusers – what features do you like the best?

I love being able to scroll back through the pictures using dates, I love being able to see when my daughter did things and then compare them with my son’s progress. I also love shaking to see a slideshow, my sisters say they do that almost every day to see my children’s pictures!

A whole lot of shaking going on then! We’re celebrating milestones this month, how often do you look back over your little ones’ timelines?

Ha I think you know the answer to this! Definitely daily. Reliving the major milestones as well as the small stuff, like just this past week I saw that my son was just about the same age as my daughter was when we took them to a fantastic restaurant for the first time. Little things like that are fun to recall and look back on.

And we hate asking you to pick, but what’s been your favourite milestone you’ve uploaded to Lifecake?

It has to be the videos of my daughter Jo doing anything hilarious. She’s THAT kid climbing on and in everything. My family members think it’s brilliant when I post photos or videos of her in something. And with Dean, I love capturing him laughing! He has the most contagious laugh and I love to share it.

Thanks so much Caylee you, Jo and Dean are superstars! Does anyone else relate to Caylee? We’d love to hear from more Lifecake addicts!

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