Parenting blogging duo Mother Freckle and Daddy Freckle have shared their insights into how Christmas has changed for each of them since the arrival of two more members to their team, how many do you sympathise with?

There is no doubt that becoming a parent changes your view on Christmas, no longer are the days planning for party’s and time off work. Here is where the hard-core work comes in, but how does it differ between mums and dads? We have both put together our perspectives on different elements of Christmas.

Here’s our view on how Christmas has changed as parents


Mother Freckle: Can we talk Christmas without presents? But gone are the days of frivolous spending a couple of weeks before the big day casually looking online or taking a late night trip to the shopping centre. FYI presents are no longer for you. Sorry!

Daddy Freckle: I used to get excited about Playstation’s and TV’s for presents. Now I get excited about a new coffee mug or nice pair of socks. I reckon I was bringing in £200 plus in pressies before kids, now I reckon I am racking in less than £20. But it’s all about the kids now….I suppose.


Mother Freckle: Wrapping will now only consist of whatever character your little one is obsessed with at that time. So don’t bother bulk buying frozen wrapping paper the year before, chances are they will be on to something else and you will be left with lining your drawers with Elsa and her magical song for the rest of your life. You will need to start wrapping early, by early I am talking November. You do not want to be binge wrapping on Christmas eve.

Daddy Freckle: Before the kids came along I did all my wrapping in private. I only displayed my wrapping on the big day and the wife was probably too excited about what was inside to worry about my wrap game. Now however my wrapping is done under the watchful eye of my better half and I receive constructive feedback about what I can do better to improve the quality of my wrapping.

Christmas Party

Mother Freckle: You can forget these words, they do not exist once you become a parent. Well not in the same way. Forget the glitzy dress, red lippy and a night out that has been in the pipeline for months. Replace that with planning, cooking, wrapping and franticly hiding presents under clothes in your wardrobe and thinking on your feet when one falls out.

Daddy Freckle: I remember these. They often happen with colleagues from work. You go out, have a few cheeky beverages, get a little fresh and may be enjoy some nice food. My Christmas party now involves a takeaway with the wife on the couch and an early night.

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Decorating the tree

Mother Freckle: Oh I used to love this, now I hold my breath whilst the ‘help’ and hope that it doesn’t fall on top of anyone. I’m not even bothered what it looks like anymore!

Daddy Freckle: Without kids you probably go to get your tree, pop it on the roof of the car, drive home, get a few decorations out, pop them on in a nice visually pleasing manner, sit down and enjoy. It may take you an hour to get them little lights on their and dangle a few baubles from the branches. Since the arrival of our little ladies picking the tree is an all day activity that also involves visiting Father Christmas. We then spend another day decorating the tree with the kids, and then a few hours after without them making it look somewhat more uniform and ensuring anything grabbable is out of hands reach.


Mother Freckle: Touchy subject warning. You will now have to pick a lane. Pick your lane well, think it through. Don’t go in blind, this is where you have to think whether you stay at home and undertake the mammoth task of cooking or whether you pick your parents or the in-laws. Christmas dinner will never be the same again!

Daddy Freckle: Christmas dinner is easy, unless you are buying it and cooking it. I have taken for granted the many years I enjoyed free Christmas dinners at my parents’ house, where my only involvement may have been picking up a large turkey and then waiting to be called to the table. Now when we have done Christmas dinner at our house it is like a military operation with the financial ramifications to boot. I never knew how much a Turkey costs. And if it goes dry, my goodness that’s an expensive disappointment. Suppose the piggies in blankets cannot really go wrong so least they can save the day.

On balance I know which version I prefer, its much less organised, a lot less glamorous and there tends to be more food to eat but let’s face it Christmas will never be the same as it was before kids!

Image source: Mother Freckle


A lot of things change when you become a parent. It can be tough transition. If you want to know how things change read our recent blog post ‘Now that you’re a parent, what are your responsibilities?’

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