How to have a baby friendly halloween baby at a pumpkin patchIf you’re parent to a tiny tot or toddler, you’ll know that the spookiest holiday of the year isn’t exactly designed for little ones. When everywhere you look is filled with blood-drenched zombies, hideous monsters and tons of super-sugary snacks, it can be tricky to carve out a Halloween celebration that suits young children. Here are some suggestions to help you focus on the cute little pumpkin side of Halloween, so your little kids don’t get totally spooked.

Choose cute Halloween costumes for babies

When it comes to costumes babies and toddlers are actually the perfect age for Halloween – because you can dress them up as whatever you like without so much risk of them kicking off! All kids are different, but generally once they hit 2 or 3 years old, they develop very strong opinions about what they will and won’t wear.

So, if you’ve always dreamed of dressing your little bundle of joy as a scrumptious pumpkin or a baby spider, go for it when they’re tiny. The photos will be adorable to look back on when they’ve grown into big monsters. Just check that any Halloween costumes you choose are safe. You might want to avoid any masks, capes or other props that baby could get tangled in and check any face paints are suitable for sensitive skin. Also be aware that lots of costumes available online and in stores are classed as toys, which means they have lower safety standards. Look for ‘flame resistant’ and the CE certification mark on labels.

Invite some baby buddies round for a Halloween party

baby and pumpkin baby-friendly halloween

When your children are little, you really don’t have to go to much effort to have fun. So you can go as crazy with the Halloween theme or keep it as low key as you like. And if your kid and their little friends aren’t walking or weaned yet, all you’ll need to have a party is a few toys, some Halloween themed snacks for the grown-ups and plenty of space in your phone storage for all the ridiculously cute photo opportunities.

Look out for local Halloween events

Just because your kids are probably a bit young to go out trick or treating, doesn’t mean they can’t join in with the Halloween fun. More and more places are jumping on the pumpkin wagon and setting up Halloween themed events. In the UK, school half-term holidays often coincide with Halloween, so there are loads of activities suitable for kids of all ages.

From pumpkin picking and apple bobbing to story telling and treasure hunts, you can find a real variety of fun and games going on. Check Facebook and local council websites or ask in the library and local community and leisure centres.

Most events give a recommended age range so you can decide if it’s suitable. We’ve also noticed that some venues offer non-spooky activities for little ones who don’t like all the blood, gore and scary monsters.

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Try out healthier Halloween treats

Veggie sausage Haloween mummies by Sneaky Veg

We know talking about healthy treats at Halloween is like suggesting you don’t stuff yourself silly at Christmas. The holidays are meant for over-indulging, right? But if your baby is only just learning how to cope with solid foods or if you’re trying to watch your toddler’s sugar intake, there are loads of slightly healthier Halloween treat ideas out there to try. Here are a few easy, fun ones we’ve spotted:

Give some toddler Halloween games a go

Babies aren’t really going to do much more at Halloween than sit there and look cute dressed as a tiny skeleton. Seriously, make the most of this, the whole staying-in-one-place-looking-adorable thing won’t last long. But if you’ve got a toddler to entertain, just dressing up probably isn’t going to cut it. Here are some ideas for Halloween hijinks to keep the toddlers happy.

  • Stick the nose on the pumpkin

    A sweet, kid-friendly twist on pin the tail on the donkey. Instead of pins use stickers and instead of a donkey use pumpkins, or cut out pictures of them if you can’t get real ones.

  • Pumpkin drawing

    Wielding a huge carving knife to cut out a pumpkin probably isn’t a great toddler activity, but they can still get involved by drawing or painting their pattern on a pumpkin.

  • Halloween hunt

    Just like an Easter egg hunt but with Halloween themed things to find around the house or garden. You could use toy bats, bugs and spiders, make cut-out pumpkins, or draw spooky faces on tangerines to make them look like mini pumpkins.

  • Dress up mummy

    Set yourself up as the kids’ art project and you’ll win serious cool mum points. Let them wrap you up in toilet roll to make you into the ghoulish type of mummy or just let them dress you up in what they want and do your make up. The result is certain to give everyone a fright.

  • Feed the monster

    This one’s a great way to keep the kids busy for a while. Paint a monster with an open mouth on a big piece of card or the side of a big box and cut out the hole for its mouth. Then tell the kids he’s a very hungry monster and they have to keep finding things to ‘feed’ him. Little kids will love ‘posting’ stuff through the monster’s mouth and slightly older kids could try and throw balls or little beanbags into his mouth. You could even set him up near the bin or toy box to encourage your kids to be tidy!

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