50 baby names that mean miracle

Everyone has different experiences throughout pregnancy and childbirth. But one thing we can probably all agree on is that the journey we make into parenthood is nothing short of miraculous. When you gaze into your baby’s eyes for the first time, you may well be inspired to pick a baby name that means miracle to honor this most wondrous moment.

Why choose a baby name that means miracle?

The dictionary definition of a miracle is:

That which causes wonder and astonishment, being extraordinary in itself and amazing or inexplicable by normal standards.”

Sums up parenthood pretty well, huh?

There aren’t many things more wonderful than holding your precious newborn. And if you’ve struggled with fertility issues, health scares or premature delivery, the feeling of joy that floods through you can truly be miraculous. What better way to signify the start of something extraordinary than by giving your baby a meaningful name?

Here’s our round-up of baby boy and girl names meaning miracle, blessed, precious, lucky, marvel, wonder, godsend and other similarly miraculous things.

Boys names meaning miracle

Baby Boy Names meaning Miracle


A name derived from the Hebrew or Egyptian Aharon, Aaron has roots right back to the Old Testament. He was Moses’s older brother, and when appealing for the release of the Israelites from slavery, Aaron used his shepherd’s staff to perform miracles and produced plagues to intimidate the ruling Pharaoh. He was declared by God to be the first high priest of the Israelites, and as such his name has gone on to mean ‘miraculous’. Whilst popular throughout western countries, it has seen a spike in popularity in the USA over the last few years.


This modern name has such a lovely sound about and it’s becoming increasingly popular in the US mainly for boys, but also for girls. Its origins are unclear but it’s thought to mean ‘miracle of God’.


With its origin in the Bible and Hebrew language, Asher is a surprisingly modern-sounding name. Asher was Jacob’s eighth son who was promised a life blessed with abundance, and therefore has a literal meaning of ‘blessed’ – a generous name to bestow upon your newborn. We think it’s a pretty cool sounding name and an unusual variant on the more common, Ashley.


This popular boy’s name had ancient roots in the Arabic word for ‘blessed’ but it can also just mean ‘right’ as opposed to left. Depending on how it looks with your surname, you might prefer the alternative spelling, Aiman.


If you feel like a name with ancient origins would suit your miracle baby boy, this could be the choice for you. In the Old Testament, Baruch is the name of the prophet Jeremiah’s scribe and in Hebrew it means ‘blessed’. The author Philip Pullman chose it as the name for one of the angels in his million-selling His Dark Materials trilogy.


Benedict is the English language variant of the Latin/Italian name Benedictus, meaning ‘blessed’. The name was widely spread through Europe during the 6th century by the popular Italian saint Benedict, who founded the Benedictine order of monks. There have been 16 popes named Benedict, so it is a name with strong religious roots, but it has perhaps become more mainstream and popular, thanks to the high profile of British actor Benedict Cumberbatch.


Finding original boy’s name can be really tricky. This one is a great mix of lovely meaning – it’s the Old English form of Benedict, from the Latin meaning ‘blessed one’ – and offering the opportunity for cute shortenings like Ben or Benny. In the last 20 years, it’s leapt in popularity and is currently ranked #120 in the US.


If you’re looking for an unusual name to help your miraculous baby boy stand out from the crowd, this choice is a strong one. Carwyn is a Welsh boy’s name meaning ‘blessed love’. Roll your ‘r’ as you say it and say the y as an i and you’ll have the pronunciation spot on.


When you’re looking for baby names with miraculous connections, you can find lots of inspiration from saints’ names. One boy’s name that caught our eye is Clement. It means ‘merciful, gentle’ and has been the name of 14 popes, although we think it’s got a really modern sound to it.


This cheerful boy’s name has such a wonderful meaning. In the West African language Yoruba, Dayo means ‘joy arrives’. Such a fitting name for the miracle baby in your life and a lovely sentiment for them to take with them through life.


If you’ve been dreaming and wishing for nothing else but the arrival of your baby boy, his safe arrival will feel like a rare and precious gift. Ender comes from the Turkish meaning ‘very rare’. It’s also the nickname of the main character in hit sci-fi novel Ender’s Game.


A traditional boy’s name from Wales, Gwyn carries the meaning of ‘blessed’ as well as ‘fair’ or ‘white’. As a y is pronounced as an i in Welsh, it sounds like Gwin. Similar sounding Welsh boy’s names are Gwion and Glyn.


A modern sounding name, Jesse has ancient roots in the Hebrew language, as the name Yishai, meaning ‘gift’. Jesse is a popular name across Europe, being ranked in the top 10 baby names in The Netherlands since 2005 and breaking into the top 100 baby names in the UK in 2016. We think this is an effortlessly cool name for your new baby boy.


Here’s a great option if you’ve got a John in the family that you’d like to name your baby after, but you’re looking for a more unusual take. This is the Cornish version of this most popular of biblical names meaning ‘gift from God’.


This name, with Italian origin meaning ‘miracle’ has been around since the 16th century. The name is derived from the Italian place name, Laurentum, the site of the Virgin Mary’s home, Santa Casa, which is said to have been miraculously transported by angels from Nazareth in the 13th century.


Although this name sounds more than a bit Shakespearean to us, it comes from Spanish and derives from a Greek saint’s name, Macarius meaning ‘blessed, happy’. You’ll find it used all over the world, although it’s still rare enough to stand out. The Russian variant Makari, and Finnish version Kari, could also be cool choices.


Another Welsh boy’s name that’s made the leap to become popular in other countries. It’s thought that Madoc originates from the Welsh word mad, meaning ‘fortunate’. It also has clear links to myths and legends as Madoc was King Arthur’s brother and son of Uther Pendragon.


Meaning ‘gift’ in Hawaiian, this name would help your little one stand out from the crowd. As long as you live anywhere other than Hawaii that is, because there it’s been one of the most popular boy’s names in recent years. It’s also used as a girl’s name and is the name of a spectacular mountain on the island of Kauai.


It’s easy to overlook names that seem evergreen, but the meanings of some names you hear can be surprisingly lovely. Matthew has continually been inside the top 100 boy’s names in the US since 1956. Its origins are from the Hebrew for ‘gift of god’. If you want to switch it up a bit you could go with a variant like Matt, Mattie, Mattius or Matteo.


With roots in Spanish history, Milagro means ‘miracle’ or ‘wonder’. In the past, it is a name that has been passed down in Spanish families in honor of the Virgin Mary, known as ‘Nuestra Señora de los Milagros’, or ‘Our Lady of Miracles’. While the name can be seen by some as old fashioned, it is still popular in traditional parts of Spanish speaking countries. If you have Spanish ancestry, these names would make a loving tribute.


This traditional boy’s name has its roots in Hebrew and means ‘God has given’. It’s been popular across the decades and all over the world, along with the variations of Nathan and Nate.


You may see this name in quite a few forms used in different cultures, but in its Arabic form, Nima means ‘a blessing’. It’s used for boys and girls, as is the variation Nimat.


Originally, the Greek name Theodōros was translated into the Italian Theodorus, before being translated into the English language derivative, Theodore. It has a literal meaning of ‘gift from God’ and was established as a popular boy’s name in ancient Greece through several important public figures with the moniker. Thaddeus is a traditional variant if you want an unusual take on the name, whilst Theo and Teddy have become popular shortenings of the traditional name.

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Girls names meaning miracle

Baby Girl Names meaning Miracle



A striking sounding name, Alazne originates from the Basque word for miracle. The Basque country identifies itself through its own language and culture, whilst sitting on the border between South Western France and Northern Spain, on the Bay of Biscay. Throughout Spain, Basque people are regarded as being very industrious, so this name could inspire your little girl to go on to great things.


Derived from the Latin name Beatus, meaning ‘blessed’, Beatrix is an unusual and interesting name – not many names out there include an ‘x’. Associated with the children’s novelist Beatrix Potter, the name holds a special place in many people’s memories of their own childhood. Variants on Beatrix can be found the world over, with Beatrice being the American variant, and Behati coming from the Afrikaans language of South Africa, meaning ‘she who brings happiness’.


The root of this name is the Latin word caelestis, meaning ‘heavenly’. If you like the sound of this there’s also the variation, Celestine. Both names have a soft, feminine sound and are popular in France and Italy.


With roots in the French ciel and Spanish cielo, both meaning sky, this pretty girl’s name means ‘heavenly, from the sky’ in Esperanto. It is pronounced chee-EH-la but is often used with an ‘s’ initial sound reflecting the French and Spanish influence.


Here’s a name that conjures up the sense of a divine gift. It comes from Serbia and Macedonia in the Balkan region of Southeast Europe, where it means ‘wonderful’.


This classic girl’s name derived from the Greek meaning ‘gift from God’ had its heyday in the roaring 1920s, when it was the 2nd most popular girls name in the US for most of the decade. It’s not quite as popular as that again, but it’s definitely climbing back up. Variants like Dorothea, Thea, Dot, Dora and Dollie are also on the rise.


Meaning ‘god’s blessing’ in French, Genevieve can be pronounced one of two ways – the anglicized GEN-uh-veev or the French way zhahn-vee-EV. Either way it’s a pretty girl’s name with lots of options for cute short versions like Gen, Genny or Viv. You can even spell it with a J if you prefer.


Originating from the Welsh word for ‘blessed’, Gwenna is an updated version of the more traditional sounding Gwen, which is still popular in Wales. Other variations you might like are Gwendoline or Gwennan.


A Welsh name, Gwyneth has been a popular girls name since the 19th century, with gwyn meaning ‘blessed’ in the Welsh language. Ranked just inside the top 1000 girl’s names in America, this is by no means a common moniker, despite actress and entrepreneur, Gwyneth Paltrow, being a household name.


The more modern option for parents wanting to honor a family member named Jane. It means ‘God’s gracious gift’ and has a really cute ring about it. You cold also go with the equally lovely, Joanie.


Mentioned in our boy’s name list, this modern sounding name with ancient roots in the Hebrew language, meaning ‘gift’, can also be used for a girl. It’s popular across Europe, yet still more unusual than other variants Jessica, Jess or Jessie


Here’s a gorgeous girl’s name meaning ‘miracle’ which is of Sanskrit origin and popular in India. If you pick this name, your baby’s most famous namesake would be famous Bollywood actress, Karisma Kapoor.


Loretta is the feminine variant of the Italian boy’s name Loreto, meaning ‘miracle’ because it’s associated with the place name of the Virgin Mary’s home. Loretta hit the height of its popularity in the 1930s, so we think it’s one of those names that’s due to make a comeback.


In Hawaii, this name means ‘gift’ and while it’s more often used for boys, it can be a lovely girl’s name too. A spectacular mountain on the Hawaiian island of Kauai also bears this name. We think its rarity and the opportunities for cute nicknames like Mak make it a bold but beautiful choice.


Another Welsh name with the ending wen, meaning ‘blessed’. Here it’s joined with Mair, the Welsh form of Mary, to create a pretty name fit for your miracle baby girl.


Here’s a French name with traditional roots in the name Marie, but with a modern-sounding twist. The name Mary, Marie or Maria goes all the way back to biblical times with a few meanings suggested including ‘beloved’ and ‘wished for child’.


Derived from the old French word merveille, meaning ‘miracle’, which is also still a popular name in French-speaking countries, the English language name, Marvel, is a stylish choice for your new baby girl. Today, Marvel may be more associated with comic book or film characters – but if you’re looking for an unusual, strong and meaningful name, look no further.


This is the female version of the Spanish name Milagro meaning ‘miracle’ or ‘wonder’. It’s still popular in traditional parts of Spanish speaking countries, with the shortened versions Mira and Mila increasing more so in popularity for girls.


Girls names ending in -belle are really popular right now, so why not stand out from the crowd with this choice? It comes from the Latin meaning ‘wonderful’ and the nickname Mira is so cute.

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How about being bold? More and ore parents are deciding to name their little girls Miracle. It first started appearing in the top 1000 girl’s names in the US in the 1990s and it’s now reached #379.


If you’re looking for a girl’s name with a fabulous story behind it, look no further. The girl’s name Miranda was created by Shakespeare for the lead female role in his play The Tempest, first performed in 1611. It’s thought to come from the Latin mirandus, meaning ‘wonderful, admirable.’ You could give the name a more modern twist by going for one of the variations Marinda, Maranda, Mirinda or Myranda.


Sometimes choosing an unusual name for your baby can cause problems with pronunciation, but we think this lovely Spanish name, meaning ‘miraculous’ is a winner as it’s said just as you spell it.


Japanese names can offer quite a few possibilities for translation because of the different interpretations of the characters. One lovely miracle-related combination is mizu meaning ‘felicitous omen, auspicious’ and ki meaning ‘hope’.


This name is most often used as a nickname for Vanessa. But it also has origins in the Hebrew for ‘miracle’. Whatever your reasons for choosing this name, it’s got a lovely ring about it.


Here’s a name with a really beautiful meaning. Traced back through Norwegian, Sunniva is the Scandinavian form of an Old English name meaning ‘sun gift’. How lovely to think of your baby girl as a miraculous present to you from the sun.


The wondrous feeling of welcoming your new baby girl into the world is perfectly captured by the meaning of this name in Hebrew, ‘my joy’. Originally a boy’s name, it’s made the leap to becoming popular for girls.


If you delve deep into your family history to find some good inspiration for baby names, you may well come across a Winifred as it was really popular in the first half of the 20th century. It’s an English version of a Welsh saint’s name meaning ‘fair’ and ‘blessed’. We think Winnie or Freddie are great modern shortenings to give your new baby.

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How to choose your baby’s miracle name

Picking your baby’s name can be difficult. Of course, it’s a huge decision. They‘ll have it for their whole life, so us parents need to think carefully! Often those who choose a name ahead of birth can then feel like the name doesn’t suit their child’s character. So, don’t feel pressured to rush into a decision; it’s quite normal to take a few days after your bundle of joy has arrived to decide on their name.

Many of the names meaning miracle have ancient meanings. So, during pregnancy, why not take the time to do some research into your family history? See if you can honor your ancestor’s memory by choosing a name from their country of origin, or a long-forgotten family name. The options for baby names are endless but if you go with one of these ideas, every time you call your child’s name, it’ll help you honor the miracle of life.

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