As I sit here about to head off on my maternity leave writing about the 2nd trimester feels weird, it feels like a lifetime ago in some instances and then just like last week in others. Following on from my first trimester blog post, I’ve been continuing to document my pregnancy and this time I’m back with the products I found most useful during the 2nd trimester.

2nd trimester must-haves

The first half of the 2nd trimester is a bit of a funny one. You go from experiencing the euphoria of the scan and baby announcement to an eight week period of not a lot happening (forgive me mums-to-be who continued to feel sickness / heartburn / extreme tiredness). You spend weeks literally checking yourself out in every available mirror willing your bump to pop out so people don’t give you that “is she pregnant or has she eaten too many Oreo biscuits?” look. (When I wake 5 or 6 times during the night due to hip ache and toilet visits now I think back to these heady days and shake my tired, sleep-deprived head). You also convince yourself that every little fluttering in your belly is most definitely the baby when it most probably is just wind.

Then it’s time for the anomaly scan all of a sudden things ramp up, there’s the sex to be discovered, babymoons to plan, baby paraphenalia to buy and time seems to fly by.

I’ve picked out a few products that were real highlights for me during the 2nd trimester (and most still continue to make my life easier / more comfortable!) No impulse buys here folks!

Belly Buds

I first came across these when Charlie from JK & Charlie was raving about them, I told my husband expecting him to think I was crazy but instead received a surprise gift when he secretly ordered them up for me. We’ve really enjoyed playing her a variety of music, I am slightly devastated that she’s not that bothered about Florence and The Machine, although from an early stage she’s loved Fleetwood Mac, she’s especially enjoyed rocking out to The Chain. We’ve still got 4 weeks to play her all the lullabies 😉

They recommend that Belly Buds are used from around 20 weeks when the baby can start to hear external noises, you can also record voices via the app and play them to the baby, which is a super cool feature if like me you have a partner who travels with work.


Where to start! Already a self-confessed book worm, during the 2nd trimester I relished reading as many baby books as I could get my hand on.

Two of my favourites have been Milli Hill’s Positive Birth Book and The Day-By-Day Pregnancy Book. Milli’s book was such a good read, especially if you feel anxious or nervous or just a little clueless about certain aspects of birth. I loved it so much I’m definitely going to be revisiting it over the final 4 weeks, you’ll notice from the photo I also tried to encourage the better half to read certain points (yes, those are sticky page markers) but he’s yet to get stuck in, apparently I relay all the highlights to him anyway!

The other book is The Day-By-Day Pregnancy Book and is at the other end of the scale. Large, heavy and slightly cheesy, the reason I picked this is because there’s nothing like checking up on your baby once a day. I have loved reading what she’s up to in the womb (less so what I should be doing, some of that advice is so obvious) there’s also some great in depth pages on other parts of pregnancy, labour and bringing the baby home.

Fitness ball

I purchased one of these when I was on a mission to find some abs circa 2005. It has survived three house moves and even survived 2 very cold winters when it was banished to the garage. It now has pride of place in our lounge and has been a complete life saver during this pregnancy. If like me, you suffer from pelvic or hip pain the ball gives a bit of a respite… in fact I think it’s just generally lovely to have a bounce on once the bump grows. Get one and then curse me when you have nowhere to store it 😉

Lifecake app

I know I’m biased. But Lifecake has been a real hit with my other half and all of my family and friends, they now know why I have been raving about it for years. Because many of our family and friends live around the country and don’t get to see this bump growing on a regular basis, Lifecake has helped keep everyone updated. We’ve also loved writing some stories of milestones that have happened, it’ll be a great diary for her to look back on. We can’t wait to start recording life outside of the bump!

Palmers Body Butter

Bit of a cliche, but for me, slapping this on night and morn has most definitely kept the stretch marks at bay. I might smell like a chocolate bar as I clamber into bed every night but for the bump is loving it, you also get it lots of free samples in the baby packs you can apply for.

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