5 fun and inspiring places to photograph your kids

There’s nothing better than photographing your children and taking a photograph that makes you proud. Our children grow and change so quickly and so it is definitely a good idea to capture them as much as you can. But what if you are feeling a little uninspired on places to take photos of them? Here are some ideas for places to photograph your kids….

At Home

It sounds obvious and boring but I find that some of the most natural and candid photographs I get of my children are at home when they are in their natural habitat. Plus in years to come you will love to look back at the little details, like how outdated your bathroom tiles look, or how cute their Batman duvet was. Some ideas for photos around the home are in the bath, on your bed, making a den in their bedroom, in the garden, doing arts and crafts, playing with their toys or having a cuddle on the sofa. It is those kind of ordinary moments that you will look back on and smile at the most.

At the Park

If you are anything like me, we go to the park A LOT as it is a great way of getting out the house and brushing away the cobwebs. You may think it might be boring to take photos of your children in the park- after all you go so much. But you can still get some really interesting and nice shots if you think outside of the box a little. Why not take an action shot of them on the swing, (if you are using a DSLR you will need to set your shutter speed really high so your photo isn’t blurry) or lie them on the ground and take a photo from above? Plus they will be happy and smiley, and lets face it you can’t beat a photo with a happy smile can you?!


In the Flowers

This sounds like a strange one, but flowers and fields make the most beautiful backdrop for photographs because of the colour. Why not head out and find some near you- it doesn’t always just have to be in summer, the wild flowers that grow in winter look just as lovely too. Some ideas could be lavender fields, cornfields, poppy fields or rape seed fields. Search around and let your imagination flourish.

Just because summer is not yet with us, doesn’t mean that the beach doesn’t have to be a great place to photograph your children. Whether on holiday or in the UK, the beach can be a great place to take photos due to the colours, the wide open landscape and the beautiful scenery. If it’s cold, just pop on a woolly hat and go and have an adventure.

In the unlikeliest of places

It sounds silly but when photographing your children there doesn’t have to be any rules. You can take photos anywhere and everywhere and they can still be a beautiful photo. Take the following three photos. The first one, of my husband and eldest daughter were taken in a supermarket car park, but the light and rain had made the sky a weird red colour, so I took a photo of them as I just happened to have my camera in the car. You would never know it was in the supermarket. Then the second was taken on the side of the road, just a random busy road near us, the sun was setting and the light was beautiful so I got out to take a photo. Finally the third one is taken outside my house, if you zoomed out you would see the houses on my street and all the neighbourhood bins, but because of the way I have framed the photo you would never know where I was.

It’s definitely worth playing around and seeing what you come up with, as often the most simple photographs are the ones that you treasure the most.

Katie Ellison
Katie Ellison

Katie Ellison has been writing on her blog Mummy Daddy Me since 2011, a visual diary of the adventures her little family of 5 get up to. It's a record of all the ordinary moments, extraordinary moments and all those ones in between. You can see more of her photos on her favourite photos page.

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