A beautiful summer day

If your new arrival is expected any day now, why not take inspiration for their name from the natural beauty and feel-good vibes of the summer season? Or if you’re pregnant and planning ahead for a winter birth, your baby can always bring the sunshine with them if you choose a beautiful summery name.

Beautiful summer baby names


Meaning ‘the sun’, this unusual but increasingly popular boy’s name comes from Persian origins. It dates back to ancient times when several Persian kings were named Cyrus, including Cyrus the Great, the founder of the Persian empire.


Flower names are never far away from the top of the girl’s baby name charts. Daisy is a classic choice of Old English origin. It brings to mind a meadow full of these bright white flowers swaying in the summer breeze.


A lyrical and pretty girl’s name which has such a beautiful meaning – ‘daughter of the sun’. This version of the name comes from Greek through Spanish and Italian, but there are lots of variations from other cultures include Helena, Eleanor and Ellyn.


Choose this sunny name for your little boy and you can be pretty sure he’ll be the only one in his class at school. Unless you’re in Scandinavia, because Gisli is an Old Norse/Icelandic name meaning ‘ray of sunshine’.


Popular in its origin country of Wales, along with the shortened version Haf, this beautiful girl’s name means ‘summer blessed’. Just remember ‘f’ is pronounced ‘v’ in Welsh, so it sounds like Havwen.


Just saying this gorgeous girl’s name seems to conjure up the light, bright days of summer. It comes from Greek and means ‘behold the sun’. A fitting name to capture that precious feeling of holding your newborn baby for the first time.


Pick this name for your little girl and you’ll be reminded every day of just what a little ray of sunshine she is. Meaning ‘shining light’, ‘sun ray’ and ‘beautiful’, Ilona is unusual enough to stand out, but still easy enough to say and spell.


From ancient Sanskrit origins, this lovely Hindu boy’s name means ‘the sun’. It is also connected with wealth, prosperity and protection and the deities Lord Shiva and Vishnu. Ishaan and Isan are alternate spellings.


The sweet, delicate scent of jasmine flowers filling the air is a true sign that summer is here. Derived from Yasmin, the Persian name for the plant, Jasmine is a popular choice for baby girls across the world.


This striking girl’s name meaning ‘sun’ comes from the same Persian roots as the boy’s name Cyrus. Variations from other cultures like Kyra and Keira have meanings connected with light, nobility and strength.


What better name to give your little lion cub born between July 23 and Aug 22 under the star sign Leo? Popular since Roman times, Leo has been one of the top 100 most popular boy’s names for decades and shows no sign of a decline.


Meaning ‘bringer of light’, Luca is an Italian form of the Latin name Lucius. Traditionally a boy’s name, it’s been growing in popularity as a girl’s name too. So, it’s a great choice if you’ve decided not to find out whether your own little ray of sunshine will be a boy or a girl.


This super-cute boy’s name could just be a nickname for a little Nicholas. But it’s also got a lovely summery meaning as a Japanese name – daylight. Other gorgeous Japanese boy’s names inspired by summer are Asahi – ray of the light on the shore, and Sora – summer sky.


Perfect for June babies, the girl’s name Pearl is inspired by the month’s precious birthstone. And if your little girl comes along in July instead, don’t worry. July’s birthstone, Ruby, makes an equally lovely name.


Take inspiration from the brilliant, blue-sky days of summer with this girl’s name of Spanish and Latin origin meaning ‘sunshine’. And isn’t the nickname Solly for a little girl just too cute?


In Greek mythology, Thea is the goddess of light and mother of the sun, the moon and the dawn. Rising in popularity, Thea is still unusual enough to help your summer baby stand out from the crowd.

Choosing your baby’s name is a uniquely special task. We hope some of the above will make it onto your ‘maybe’ list or spark off other ideas to help you find the perfect name for your own little ray of sunshine.


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