Answer: Names for boys inspired by the Greek mythological Gods include well-known names such as Jason, Damon and Hector, and lesser used names like Apollo, Linus, Evander, Zeno, Perseus and Ajax.

Whichever is your preference, a name inspired by a Greek God is a masculine choice for your new baby boy. Read on for more inspiration and the backgrounds to 13 Greek God baby names.

13 Greek God Baby Names

The legends and characters of Greek mythology are wide-ranging, providing plenty of choice for your baby’s name if you’re looking to ancient history for inspiration. Greek mythology encompasses the many stories told by the ancient Greeks concerning subjects such as the origin of the world and reasoning behind universal matters like the sky and weather. Originally the myths would have been passed on through song as early as the 18th Century BC, and later through poetry and art.

The legendary stories of Greek Gods are almighty and powerful, so if you want your little boy to have a strong and masculine name, choosing one of these names may be right for you. If you have Greek ancestry, or if you have enjoyed holidaying in Greece and the country holds a special place in your heart, names inspired by a Greek God could be a fitting tribute.

Read on for the backgrounds behind our top 13 names inspired by Greek Gods, to help you choose a name fit for your little wonder.

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1. Hector

A name which has been inside the top 500 in the UK and US for the last couple of decades, Hector is a name that originates from the Greek spelling, Hektor, which means “holding fast” or “restrain”. In Greek mythology, Hector was the greatest fighter for Troy in the Trojan War. Most popular in Spanish-speaking countries in Europe and South America, Hector is a wise sounding choice for your little boy.

2. Apollo

Apollo and the Muses

A seriously cool name, and a seriously talented Greek God, Apollo is said to have been the God of music, arts, light, prophecy, medicine, knowledge, law and wisdom. If you would like your son to go on to do great things in any of these topics; or if you’re a musician, lawyer or doctor, perhaps this could be a great choice for you. Born in 2014, Gwen Stefani’s youngest son has this moniker, which propelled Apollo into the lists of showbiz children’s names. It has gained popularity since, but still only sits inside the top 400 baby names in the US so is a relatively uncommon choice.

3. Evander

Meaning “good man”, Evander was the son of Hermes, the God of trade and good fortune (not scarves and handbags)! Evander set off from Greece to establish a new civilisation which he called Pallantion on the banks of the river Tiber, which we now know as Rome, Italy. Evander instilled certain ancient Greek traditions into this new community, including the Greek alphabet, forming a safe and educated civilisation. We think Evander is a cool, hipster-sounding name, and it is steadily gaining popularity, although only just entered into the top 1000 baby names in 2018.

4. Ares

One of the twelve Olympians and son of Zeus, Ares was the Greek God of war, so if you want your son to grow up to be brave and strong, this could be a great name for him. Increasing in popularity over the last decade, Ares is now inside the top 600 baby names in the US.

5. Jason

In Greek mythology, Jason was a hero. The son of Aeson, King of Iolcos, Jason was also the leader of the Argonauts – a band of heroes who helped him in his quest to find the Golden Fleece.

A name appearing in the top 10 baby names in most Western countries at the moment, most people might not associate Greek mythology with the name Jason. It’s commonly known for its association with popular actors and singers, such as Jason Bateman, Jason Momoa, Jason Mraz and Jason Derulo.


6. Perseus

A more uncommon name, but a famous hero in Greek mythology, Perseus was a son of Zeus and a Greek hero who defeated the infamous Medusa – the snake-haired monster who turned all those who looked upon her to stone. He also saved Andromeda from the sea monster, Cetus, and created the Atlas Mountains in Africa by turning the God called Atlas to stone, using Medusa’s severed head. Meaning “destroyer”, Perseus is a powerful name which could be shortened to Percy, for a cute nickname.

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7. Pan

A short and sweet name, Pan was one of the oldest Greek gods who controlled the wilds, shepherds and flocks, and was a faun type creature with the legs and horns of a goat, and the upper body of a man. He was associated with forests and woodlands, so if you live in a wild landscape, or enjoy the great outdoors in your free time, this could be a cheeky name for a mischievous little boy. It is a really uncommon name, ranking outside the top 10,000 in the US, but we think it’s an interesting and fun sounding name.


8. Linus

In Greek mythology, Linus was one of the sons of God, Apollo. He was said to have been a handsome young man with flaxen hair (in Greek, Linus means “flax”) and a great musician. He may have been the inventor of the guitar’s predecessor, the lyre, and indeed the first person to make lyrical song and melodies. A great name choice, therefore, for a musical family!


9. Zeus

ZeusPerhaps the most powerful and ancient-sounding option in our list, Zeus was the chief deity in Greek mythology. After defeating the Titans, Zeus was the ruler of gods and humans, controlling thunder and the sky from the top of Mount Olympus. As the God of all Gods, Zeus is a forceful name for your new little boy, but if it’s too obvious for your liking, but you like the idea of an alternative ‘Z’ name…


10. Zeno

Zeno is the Latin variation of the name Zeus, which we think sounds more modern, and is more likely to go along with your surname. Neither name has ever ranked inside the top 1000 in the UK or US, however, Zeno is slightly more common in certain European countries, including Italy.


11. Damon

Stemming from the Greek word, damazo, meaning “to tame”, Damon is a name that symbolises trust and loyalty. In Greek mythology, Damon sacrificed his own freedom to set free his friend Pythias, who had been caught plotting against their leader. Before Damon could be killed, Pythias returned to admit his guilt, and the loyalty between these friends was enough for the judge to free both of them, as a mark of respect. These days, Damon is a name most associated with Hollywood actor, Matt Damon, but is still relatively uncommon as a given name, ranking just inside the top 500 names in America.


12. Ajax

In Greek mythology, Ajax was the son of Telamon, grandson of Zeus, and was also known as “Ajax the Great” due to his sheer size. He was a warrior-hero who fought in the Trojan war and was described in Homer’s ‘Iliad’, the famous Greek poem about the Trojan War, as very tall with a large frame, and the strongest of all the warriors. A great choice, therefore, if you want a strong and masculine name for your new baby, Ajax has an edgy, modern sound to it and it’s uncommon too – never ranking inside the top 2000 baby names in the US.


13. Helios

In Greek mythology, Helios was the God and personification of the sun, and as such, he was believed to drive a chariot across the sky – from East to West – everyday. It is an unusual name, but has a nice ring to it, and could be shortened to Leo for everyday use or a nickname. A perfect choice if your little one is born on a particularly sunny day.

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Choosing your baby’s name is a difficult decision, and often one that divides opinion. Seeing friends and family members use your (secret) favourite names for their own babies can be frustrating and make you think you’re never going to find a name that is unique and special enough for your little one – but it is not a decision to be rushed! Remember to consider what works well with your surname, or any nicknames that you like that go along with each name choice.

Choosing a baby name before the birth can be difficult, especially if gender of your unborn baby is not known – so collating a shortlist of options is often the wisest choice, so you will have done the hard part before baby arrives, leaving a few of your favourite choices to pick from. Whatever name you choose for your new bundle of joy, we’re sure it will be as memorable as any mythological God!

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