The day you become a mother your world turns upside down. With the arrival of your tiny bundle of joy, you’ll laugh, cry and love in ways you never realised were possible.

Here, we’ve compiled some of the best and funniest quotes about motherhood we’ve heard. Have a read and let us know what you think. Heard any others that sum up motherhood for you?

Motherhood Quote #1

“Just another manic Mom-Day.”

Motherhood Quote #2

“Motherhood: A story about coffee getting cold.”

Motherhood Quote #3

“Breastfeeding is my cardio.”

Motherhood Quote #4

“I make milk. What’s your superpower?”

Motherhood Quote #5

“MOM turned upside down spells WOW.”

Motherhood Quote #6

“MOMSTER: what happens to a mom, when she counts to three…”

Motherhood Quote #7

“Mothers don’t sleep. They just worry with their eyes closed.”

Motherhood Quote #8

“A worried mum does better research than the FBI.”

Motherhood Quote #9

“Motherhood. Powered by love. Fueled by coffee. Sustained by wine.”

Motherhood Quote #10

“When you can hear a cough, in the middle of the night, through closed doors, three bedrooms away… You’re a Mom.”

Motherhood Quote #11

“Mothers are basically a social experiment to prove that sleep is not a crucial part of life.”

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